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Truth About College Cheating They Don't Want You to Know

June 01, 2017
Truth About College Cheating They Don't Want You to Know

The last few hundred years, accompanied by major revolutions such as the agricultural and industrial, saw a lot of changes in the way things are done. However, there is one important area of life that has steadfastly refused to change: the education system. It has stuck to the same methods so much that learners and educators over the years have known them so well they have devised some pretty effective methods of cheating that will leave you shocked.

We have landed on some pretty distressing numbers which show the extent of cheating in schools in the USA. They show that the current educational system is outdated. It is a system that unintendedly forces students to cheat and leads them to see nothing wrong with doing so. And no, we are not talking here about essay writing services where students can buy essays on subjects they do not understand. In fact, these essay writers are only helping students with subjects that they will not need in the future. The academic papers that students write are just as outdated. It’s easy for anyone to predict how they are set.

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It Starts with the Teachers

Would you believe us if we told you that between 2006 and 2013, over 100 teachers were caught involved in some form of cheating. Some were blatantly offering answers to learners while others used more subtle methods such as allowing learners extra time to finish off exam papers and therefore giving them an unfair advantage.

The High Achievers Too

Up to 8 in every 10 students who are considered as high achievers actually cheat. 15 in every 100 learners also admit that they do not see anything wrong with taking a paper from a website or term paper mill and presenting it as if it was their own. As students grow older, they become more comfortable with cheating. Among students who admit that they cheat to score better marks, less than 20% report feeling bad about it. In the past, only students who struggled in school were known to cheat: now even the good ones do.

And The Religious Too

Among the learners who cheat, those who are deeply religious actually cheat more than those who are not. 64.4 percent of students who admit to cheating also report that they are religious while only 58.3 percent of students who report that they are not religious also admit to cheating.

Research indicates that cheating does not only end in school. It shows that those who cheat in school are also 2.5 times more likely to cheat in relationships. It does not look like the problem of cheating in schools will be mitigated anytime soon, as long as the educational system stubbornly refuses to change with the times and still insists that everybody should be tested in the same way, even though the strengths of learners are different. There is only one remedy for this situation: change the system.

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