Service guarantees

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At, we are aware of the dilemmas present in today's online world when it comes to trusting custom essay writing services. Therefore, our site promises a full refund, given that the listed requirements are fulfilled.

Money back guarantee

Unlike most custom essay writing services, we guarantee our clients a full refund in one specific case. Anything from our side that affects the quality of the essay, or the fact that your essay was sent to you late - is an automatic refund for you.

If you have any more questions regarding refunds, feel free to message our customer support, and they will gladly answer all of your questions.

Data protection guarantee

Keeping it on the low key is something every single customer asks of us. Not one leak of any account registered on our website has happened throughout the years we have been up and running. We understand the fact that over 80% of our users are high school and college students, and need to keep the fact that they get help online on the low key. We are constantly working to improve our safeguards and keep your personal data secure.

No plagiarism guarantee

Without a doubt one of the most common accusations we here being dropped our way on a daily basis. If the essays our writers wrote really plagiarized our essays, we wouldn't have customers coming back to us. We wouldn't be on the market for over five years. EssayHub would is a legitimate business. Join our pool of customers, and see for yourself that we value your orders and that we are a plagiarism free and most importantly, a reliable custom essay writing service. Our site guarantees no plagiarism in any of our essays.

Reviewing essays before being sent to you

Even though our essay writers are one of the best in the custom essay writing business, we still review their essays before sending them into you.

We check for plagiarism, and how original the text is using special programs. We guarantee a 100% original essay.