How to Write a Speech: Helpful Tips and Templates

How to Write a Speech: Helpful Tips and Templates

Writing an Effective Speech 

Most people have seen or given at least one presentation in their life. Indeed, everybody knows that not all speeches can capture the audience’s interest. Even if the speaker is an expert in their field, they might need to develop their presentation skills. For instance, too many specific terms or lengthy speeches can make listeners lose interest quickly. 

Knowing how to write a good speech is key to success. Luckily, some universal speech techniques work wonders regardless of the setting. Is someone looking for a speech writing tip or a template? Then, our essay writer service team is ready to help anyone make a great speech. Becoming a star of the show is now easier than ever with the following recommendations!

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Types of Speeches 

If a person just begins their public speaking journey, they might think there is only one speech type. But, in reality, speech categories differ and should fit the context and situation. For instance, the listeners of a business presentation hardly expect it to be informal, like a TED Talk.

Picking the speech type goes before forming speech topics and writing the text. They can be informative, persuasive, and for special occasions. Once a future speaker understands their task, the foundation for an effective presentation is ready! Our writing service explained each type in detail.

Types of Speeches

Informative Speech 

One of the speech types is an informative speech. The main point of such a presentation is sharing knowledge with the audience members. Here, a speaker must present their idea or message clearly and directly. Markedly, everybody has heard an informative speech at some point. The most common example is a lecture in school or college, where the target audience learns something new from a professor. Here are the tips for writing a speech that educates the audience:

Writing Process Excludes Emotions

Whenever someone is giving a speech to share knowledge, they should focus on making the presentation impersonal. Of course, informative speech writing requires practice when a person learns to present their points without being persuasive. 

Public Speaking Is Mostly Verbal

The best topics for speech require a combination of visual and verbal elements. In this case, the speaker delivers their message mainly through words. However, visual aids for some crucial points are also welcome. 

Persuasive Speech 

Sometimes, giving a speech aims to influence people’s views. In this case, we are talking about a persuasive speech. Contrary to the informal type, such a presentation can be subjective. For instance, examples of good speech topics are "Everybody should recycle" or "Homework is a thing of the past." So, how to write a good speech that affects people’s views? There are some practical points:

Audience Members Appreciate Strong Facts

Behind every great speech, there are long hours of research. Luckily, the challenge of finding supporting evidence pays off. In other words, if the audience sees the lecturer as a professional, they are more likely to agree with the main points in the presentation.

Writing Requires Emotions

A great speech brings success to its creator. So, before the author sits down to start writing it, they must perform the audience analysis. Once they know who will hear the presentation, it becomes clear how to cause a proper emotional response from the listeners. Eventually, the right words and examples can form the best speech ever.

Special-Occasion Speeches

The first two types of speeches had distinct characteristics. However, there are so many speeches ideas overall that classifying them becomes challenging. In most cases, such presentations relate to special-occasion public speaking. Their features are as follows:

Don’t Have a Specific Format

The earlier points prove that previous public speaking types require a structure and outline. Meanwhile, speaking during special occasions heavily depends on the event itself. A good example would be giving a speech at a baby shower. Naturally, it differs from the introduction of a speaker during an awards show, for instance. 


Usually, the key to grabbing the audience’s attention at any special event is direct sentences. Hence, the practice of getting straight to the point is essential. How to write a short speech? Another great idea is to avoid too many details and monotonous taking. Additionally, people’s interest only grows when they hear witty remarks and have eye contact with the presenter. 

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Effective Tips for Writing a Speech 

Writing your speech is a task that requires decent preparation. Contrarily, to do everything hastily and hope for the best appears wrong. So, how to write a speech that can stand out and draw the audience’s attention? Our service, where everyone can hire an essay helper, has the answer. In the following points, we explain how to make any speech memorable.

Types of Speeches 

Determine the Goal of Your Speech 

Deciding on the purpose of the presentation is the initial speech writing tip. Before speaking, every orator expects to make an impact on the world. They must research their audience to connect with them. 

Usually, the goal of an effective speech is to ingrain a new idea in people’s minds. This way, there is a contrast between their thought processes before and after the presentation. The preliminary audience research allows us to find the right approach to them. 

A great example of such an oration is a business strategy talk. Let’s say that an employee suggests groundbreaking changes in business structure or other ideas to put into practice. Naturally, the goal here is to impress coworkers. So, if they appreciate the advice, they choose to implement the suggested changes. As a result, the company’s efficiency increases, and the spokesperson gets a raise. 

Limit Your Message to the Essentials  

If someone asks how to make a good speech, there is one rule. In brief, this principle sounds like "the shorter, the better." Undoubtedly, regardless of the subject, a lengthy lecture kills all interest. So, if future orator is nervous about their success, they should practice making their speech concise by improving the outline.

One of the helpful speech techniques is developing a neat outline. Why is structure so important? The whole point of a plan is to connect all parts and make all necessary adjustments. So, when a speaker decides to stand back, they see the bigger picture and delete unnecessary bullet points.

Besides the previous step, there is one more tip for concise writing. For a spokesperson, using suitable language is a must. But, some people tend to overuse complicated terms when they wish to appear well-versed. The solution is to keep balance and think through every word.

Set the Appropriate Tone

Another speech writing tip is about the tone that someone uses during verbal communication. In a nutshell, a tone is the way people write or speak. The meaning of the same word or sentence can vary from different speakers. That is why adjusting the language to the situation is essential. So, how to write a great speech and hit the bull’s eye with the tone?

First, let’s discuss the formal tone. Usually, lecturers in educational institutions practice this style during lessons. They write speeches using many technical terms, numbers, and statistics. Another example could be a business meeting, where people discuss serious matters.

Secondly, there is an informal tone. Generally, people use it whenever a tense situation calls for relief. Where are slang words or jokes the most welcome? A great example is a toast at a birthday party. Sometimes, ceremonies like Oscar or Grammy awards become more lively thanks to witty speakers!

Engage Them With Your Introduction 

One of the life-changing tips for writing a speech is to focus on the introduction. The main point of this part is to hook the audience. Although this outline segment comes first, some speakers barely work on it, which is a mistake. Consequently, the speech is unlikely to be memorable and make a strong impact.

Conversely, an engaging intro makes an effective speech stand out. How to practice writing this part of the outline? First, a nervous spokesperson throws off the listeners instantly. Thus, keeping eye contact with the crowd from the start is crucial. A beginner can hear how their favorite celebrities speak during awards and borrow their mannerisms. Additionally, speeches should make everyone get out of their phones. A shocking statistic, a rhetorical question, or a famous quote works wonders! 

Streamline the Flow 

Indeed, the intro has the most significance when drawing people’s attention. However, the task of engaging people continues as the speech goes further. Since the format of writing a speech includes an introduction, body, and conclusion, all these parts should sound pleasant too. So, how to write a good speech that has a smooth flow?

One of the most important rules is to keep a steady pace. Both hurried and slow speaking makes it harder to process the given information. The best method is to breathe deeply and slowly before speaking to calm the nerves! Also, rehearsing helps to find the proper rhythm.

Another recommendation is to make smooth transitions between speech parts. First, transitional words are a must for a high-quality presentation. Secondly, there should be a logical tie between all segments without abrupt changes. 

Finally, every professional speech writer remembers that less is more. So, condensing the info is better than adding unnecessary slides. Now, the speech flow is perfect!

Finish on a Strong Note 

Every effective speech hits equally well from start to finish. In other words, the hard work continues after the intro and body parts of the presentation. Which speech techniques help to polish the conclusion? 

As usual, all speeches end with a recap of previous statements. Besides, it is better to avoid adding new information at this point. Apart from these tips, making a strong point, in the end, is a winning strategy. What can help here? Quotes, examples, and statistics make a strong impression on listeners. After all, the goal of any speech is to awaken emotions that last even after people leave the auditorium. 

Effective Speech Template 

Public speaking is often associated with situations where thousands of people listen to an orator. But, the journey to fame starts in school or college, where student speeches train logic, confidence, and stage presence. Luckily, writing a speech examples helps students with their presentations!

Inspirational Speech for Students
Have you ever met someone who managed to transform you? Sometimes, when you need friendly advice and support, such people are always there to give a helping hand. When I was going through a rough moment, I got a chance to meet someone very special to me. Eventually, this woman transformed me inside and outside through long years of hard work. Today, I want to talk about my pilates instructor Alexa. Thanks to her, my life gained new meaning!
Years ago, I was a teenager who struggled with her physical and mental state. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I saw a girl with excessive weight and a sad face. Because of constant studying, I had hunched back, and my whole body ached from the lack of movement. Moreover, these physical issues led to irritation and fatigue.
Occasionally, I compared myself to my pretty classmates or even fit girls on TV. At that time, I thought that there was no solution. Besides, nobody explained that the hormonal tornado in a teenager’s body affects their well-being. So, I continued pitying myself and doing nothing.
Everything went without changes until one day, a new fitness studio opened in our city. Surprisingly, the place was five minutes away from my school, which became a significant plus. Furthermore, the prices were reasonable, and I bought a course. 
When I attended my first-ever pilates class, instructor Alexa made me feel comfortable and welcome. She showered me with compliments and encouraged me even after failures. After school classes, I ran there, expecting new routines and fun soundtracks from Alexa.
As months passed, the progress began showing. At first, I tolerated my looks, but I finally liked my reflection. Sport gave me the perfect posture and the fit body I have always wanted. What is more, even teachers and classmates noticed the difference in my appearance.
However, the outside transformations were nothing compared to how I felt. Without annoyance and chronic tiredness, life finally seemed joyful. Besides, my confidence peaked, so this state of mind allowed me to enjoy life. All these positive shifts were possible only thanks to Alexa, who practically forced me to change. Indeed, she became more than a regular instructor to me. 
To sum up, everyone can feel powerless or hopeless sometimes. Nonetheless, life gives us chances to change everything ourselves. I went through my darkest moments and struggled to find a solution. But, I collected all my willpower to take an opportunity. Eventually, I took guidance from a true friend and teacher, who gladly helped to make the best version of me.
Regardless of your current state, there is always a chance to fix your life. Undeniably, some changes require labor and time, but they are worth it. So, seek assistance from people who offer it, and remember that everything is possible!

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