How to Write an Opinion Essay? 100+ Topics and Ideas

How to Write an Opinion Essay

Writing an Opinion Essay With Topic Ideas 

Students might see their ideal school as a place where there are no exams or much responsibilities. But, in reality, elementary school, middle school, and college education go hand in hand with writing various assignments, including Common App opinion essays. Since this kind of task is inevitable in most schools, students should educate themselves and become ready in advance.

Indeed, you can always hire an essay writers service and spare yourself the additional writing effort. However, we are here to help those who want to compose opinion essays themselves. So, what is an opinion essay? Read further, and learn what the proper format is and which examples of opinion essay topics are worth trying!

What Is an Opinion Essay: Definition

For every person, the ability to express their opinions is an essential part of personal growth. But is public speaking the only way? No, opinion essay writing offers students a chance to voice their thoughts and get feedback from teachers, mentors, or the Common App admissions committee. 

You may ask, "What is an opinion essay, then?" In short, opinion essays are academic works in which students simply write their points of view on something. Here are some characteristics of opinion essay writing:

Require Evidence

In other words, be ready to have enough background info examples to support your opinions. Otherwise, the fairness of points is under question.

Take Only One Side When Responding to Essay Prompt

Another unique feature of opinion essays is that you express only one take on a problem. Contrarily, argumentative papers examples require discussing something from different angles. 

Often Appear as Common App Essay Prompts

If you are applying to educational institutions through Common App, know that opinion essay prompts are a usual way of assessing students. Hence, practice writing to be able to compete with other applicants!

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All students know that school or college essays must fit a list of rules. These specific requirements are called a format that greatly affects the test scores. Interestingly, aligning with the format becomes the most significant challenge for many. For instance, if a student wrote excellent points without proper formatting, it would give the wrong impression about their writing abilities. 

You can either use a writing service to structure your paper or memorize the opinion essay format to solve the problem. But what is opinion essay format? Let's briefly discuss it to ensure your later success with homework or Common App!

opinion essay format


If you wonder how to start an opinion essay, the writing principle here is the same as in the other essay kinds. Always start writing with the introduction, which prepares the readers for whatever is coming next. By the same rule, an opinion essay introduction contains the writer's summarized thoughts about the subject. So, try to fit them all into the introductory paragraph to stay within the word limit.

Whether you start writing a Common App essay or a regular college essay, vivid imagery is crucial for drawing attention. A surprising way to captivate the readers is by writing your favorite quote that fits the theme. Remember, students have to feel these words on a personal level before including them.

As usual, any intro ends with a thesis statement, which is a sentence that comprises an author's viewpoint. Make sure this part is clear and concise, especially when writing a Common App essay. Moreover, students can spice things up with a rhetorical question that finishes the intro. Address it in the body part which goes next!


The second part of every opinion essay outline is the main body which has the biggest word count. Generally, the main body exists to give a vivid picture of your opinion on the issue. 

What else should you know? You often use writing to speak directly to the audience, whether they are other students, Common App admissions officers, or others. Your main goal is to prove the validity of your thought processes.

Furthermore, use the division into paragraphs wisely. Because logic helps to earn the highest test scores, place the thoughts in order. In other words, every new section should give a new understanding of the problem and fresh examples. Besides, if you choose interesting examples of topics to write an opinion essay on, you always have enough points to discuss.

Lastly, before you start writing your Common App, school, or college essay body, collect enough factual evidence like statistics, examples from daily life, your past experiences, etc. This part demonstrates your dedication and professionalism!


As a rule, all student essays have a concluding part after the main body. An opinion essay is no exception. Regardless of the presented essay prompt, writing a polished ending is a sign of quality opinion essay writing, so here is how you do it.

Are you doing homework or answering Common App essay prompts? In any case, use the conclusion to summarize the main points of your opinion paper. This move helps admissions officers or other readers remember your facts better. In the conclusion, you should restate something you have already mentioned. 

Additionally, you can drop a paraphrased version of the original thesis statement, which answers the essay prompt that a teacher or an admissions officer gave you. Also, mention how the issue affected you to demonstrate a personal connection to the theme. Such a trick gains the trust of your readers! Finally, show your positive attitude through a writing tone that leaves a pleasant aftertaste and convincing examples.

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How to Write an Opinion Essay? 

Sometimes, you read an excellent college essay and wonder how people can be this talented. After this, you start questioning your writing skills and even dread any essay prompts, including Common App. As a result, you either decides to get help from write me an essay service or looks for credible advice from experts. 

If you choose the second option, we can tell you how to write an opinion essay! The instructions below work for everybody, from regular students to those in the Common App admission process. Luckily, even the seemingly complicated Common App essay prompts crack like a wishbone thanks to several professional secrets. So, the only thing left is picking appealing examples of topics for an opinion essay!

How to Write an Opinion Essay? 

First, Form a Position on the Issue 

The first tip is to present strong points in your opinion essay. Good opinion essay topics allow you to make a personal statement carved into people's memories for a long time. Still, unfortunately, many make the common mistake of choosing a boring subject or borrowing other people’s opinions that do not relate to them. 

Remember that picking and answering an essay prompt requires preparation. Because every prompt asks your viewpoint, take time to form a personal attitude in your essay. Sometimes, a controversial take on a problem draws even more attention. Then, a Common App admissions officer can appreciate your courage and attempt to favor your unpopular point of view.

Conduct In-depth Research 

Generally, student essays demand thorough research to gain the highest scores. For instance, a Common App essay with a list of credible sources can make the application process easier. Working on tasks like a Common App prompt during a school year trains your ability to look for relevant data and correct sources. This way, even rare and unexpected statements have proof from various sources in the best opinion essay examples.

What’s more, often the scientists’ opinions can be so impressive that you might feel like your views are not worth comparing. So, rummaging through literature can become a fun extracurricular activity to add to your research and give you more confidence.

Recognize Common Arguments

When you choose popular topics to write an opinion essay, you have plenty of materials from other people who discuss the same issue. Such essay prompts make it simultaneously easier and harder to write. On the one hand, you quickly find the references. On the other hand, the opinions may be contradictory.

Your task is to analyze as many statements as possible to mold a personal view, especially for a Common App essay prompt. Then, with time, you slowly understand which side you want to take. Eventually, even students with unique opinions feel supported if they find examples of works by like-minded scientists.

Don't Reserve Your Views Until the Conclusion 

Another essential rule of opinion essay writing is getting straight to the point with your opinion. A thesis statement is perfect for doing so. In addition, it is of great help when you try to navigate the audience through a lengthy paper and avoid confusion in a Common App essay. 

Contrarily, revealing your perspective, in the end, is not effective in a personal essay or a different prompt. This strategy puts the reader into a waiting mode, which not many enjoy. Would you like to leave them guessing your opinions? No, because the audience may misinterpret your hints leaving the reader confused.  

Begin With Your Most Compelling Argument 

Many students learned how to influence readers' perspectives through their experience in writing opinion essays. Using the strategy of starting with your strongest assertion is one of the greatest examples. Accordingly, in a hierarchical arrangement, the weaker points come next. So, why does this trick succeed in a college essay?

Since your strongest argument is also the most persuasive, it has the power to change readers' perspectives. But after the strong initial impression, the weaker points start to have significant weight too. Remember this for your Common App essay that defines your success since proving your point to the committee is crucial.

Feel Free to Show Some Emotion 

How to write an opinion essay for Common Application or a regular school class and succeed? First, express emotions, especially in a personal essay! Students often hear that they should base their written works on strong facts, but where is room for a personal story? Surprisingly, an opinion paper is a perfect blend of both facts and feelings.

In everyday life, the ability to open up about deep emotions comes with personal growth. Therefore, emotional Common App essays signal the maturity of their authors and deserve appreciation. Furthermore, honest statements appeal to people more than strong facts, so use this to your advantage.

Don't Forget to Proofread 

When dealing with an exam or Common Application, you often do everything in a hurry. As a result, unexpected mistakes appear here and there in your opinion essay writing. As much as they are a natural occurrence, they still drop your score, which is especially bad for Common App essays. Hence, proofreading is a way to go!

This term means many things, including checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, coherency, and other examples. You likely know your weak sides from the previous prompts and feedback. If so, analyze your papers accordingly to seek your usual errors. Moreover, asking a mentor or a friend to proofread your Common App work is an awesome idea!

Opinion Topics 

Deciding on the topics to write an opinion essay on is a task that many find quite challenging. If somebody suffers from lack of creativity, it also affects the ability to create a unique title. So, unless it's a ready Common App prompt, students should use their imagination.

What are good opinion essay topics? There is no universal answer because people think differently about the same title. Indeed, someone can even criticize a Common App prompt. But everybody can agree that a relevant topic should appeal to the writer in the first place. 

The author's passion is visible and highly appreciated in regular and Common App essays. Therefore, the best thing you can do is pick a title for which you feel a personal connection. The admissions process becomes even more pleasant by presenting lists of catchy topics!

Personal Opinion Essay Topics 

Throughout the years of studies, people need to open up via writing multiple times. An opportunity like this happens when you write Common App essays, semester papers, or regular homework. Some great examples of personal opinion essay topics look like this:

  1. Which family member, in your opinion, can be a good role model and why?
  2. Would you want to become a transfer student, and why?
  3. How has the process of practicing gratitude affected you?
  4. Would you participate in a community service project?
  5. How have extracurricular activities changed your life?
  6. Was moving to a foreign country beneficial for you?
  7. Are you a good family member, in your opinion?
  8. What do you think you should change about yourself?
  9. Who are you in your friend group, and why?
  10. Would you be a good parent, and why?
  11. Which country would fit you the best?
  12. Which of your talents can make you rich?
  13. Do you feel comfortable in your close circle, and why?
  14. Who will you be ten years from now?
  15. What do you think about your former self?

Opinion Argumentative Essay Topics

Do you enjoy proving your point of view to others? Then, you may need opinion argumentative essay topics! We prepared several good opinion essay topics which stimulate creativity:

  1. Should community service be obligatory for children in school?
  2. Do you think cosplaying equals the appropriation of other cultures?
  3. In your opinion, do modern kids spend enough time with their parents?
  4. Can you protect your own design from AI art generators?
  5. Do you believe it's possible to ban smoking for future generations?
  6. Should bright-colored toys be banned for babies?
  7. Do you think graffiti should be legal? Why?
  8. Should people sue if someone films them without consent? 
  9. Should the law forbid blasting music in the daytime?
  10. How did movies change people's perception of theater?
  11. Do you think free will exists, or is it an illusion?
  12. Do people today have more rest than their ancestors? Why?
  13. Which climate ensures the highest life quality?
  14. Will people consider coffee an illegal substance in the future?
  15. Can quarrels be good for a romantic relationship? Why?

Opinion Essay Topics High School

When teachers create opinion essay topics for kids, they aim to make them better thinkers and writers. Some good opinion essay topics high school are:

  1. Is the debate team the best possible school club? Why?
  2. At which age should children be able to hang out without parents?
  3. Do you think it's normal for firstborns to babysit younger siblings?
  4. Should there be an upper age limit for drivers?
  5. Why is it dangerous to glamorize the model industry?
  6. Would cars be legal if people invented them today?
  7. Will online studies completely replace offline classes in the future?
  8. What do you think we should change about schools?
  9. What problems can phone addiction cause for generation Alpha?
  10. How to compensate for the lack of outdoor activities?
  11. Do girls experience more academic pressure than boys?
  12. Should there be grades in art or music class?
  13. What are the best ways of bonding with peers?
  14. Is heavy makeup appropriate for school? Why or why not?
  15. Should educational institutions allow students to bring their pets to class?

Opinion Essay Topics College 

People who attend higher educational institutions do various tasks, including opinion essays. Look at some opinion essay topics college in case you need inspiration:

  1. Do you think it is always good to be optimistic and why?
  2. Should people explore space when there are many problems on Earth?
  3. Where do you think is the fine line between dark humor and rudeness?
  4. What are the possible undersides of so-called gentle parenting?
  5. Which kinds of sports will rule fifty years from now and why?
  6. Is it worth perfecting art skills if artificial intelligence does it better anyway?
  7. Do you think it's ethical for celebrities to boast about their riches online?
  8. Why is the notion of finding a life-long love harmful?
  9. How do you think relationship standards will change in the future?
  10. How does the lack of plants in cities affect mental health?
  11. How to keep friendships from falling apart in adulthood?
  12. Can the government fully solve the problem of homelessness?
  13. Why do many consider Christmas the saddest holiday of all?
  14. Do you think cartoons cause more harm or good?
  15. Is it possible to gain an adult mindset in a short time?

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