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About EssayHub
EssayHub is a platform for academic writing, built to connect students with talented writers who possess remarkable writing skills and are eager to put them to use. In contrast to most other platforms, our team is composed of native English speakers coming from all over the world. We are highly regarded as one of the best writing platforms to order essay from by students and writers alike, due to our transparency, great deals, and stunning quality of work. Students can get essay writing help at very friendly prices, and our writers get to exercise their writing muscles by creating unique content for every client. Clients also gain the ability to check and edit each paper before the final submission date, giving them full control over the quality of the paper. EssayHub is the answer to all your academic troubles!
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EssayHub Core Principles

Results First

While we’re writing your paper, your money stays deposited. You only release the payment to the writer after you’re fully satisfied with the work. We allow for an unlimited amount of edits and revisions, letting you tweak every paper to perfection.


Keeping students’ confidentiality is very important for us, and private data remains completely anonymous on EssayHub. There is no chance anybody will ever find a trace of you on this website. We take personal privacy very seriously and extend this attitude towards our writers and our team as well.


In addition to writing your paper, we offer guides and video lessons which can help you learn to write better essays! For writing enthusiasts and hardworking students alike, our blog offers both simple and extensive guides to essay writing, featuring all the types of essays you’ll encounter on your academic journey.


Students on a tight budget can still benefit from a myriad of services that we offer. While essay writing comes at a student-friendly price, we also offer editing and proofreading— services designed to turn your written draft into a masterpiece.
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EssayHub Saves Your Money & Time

Save More Time
Two tasks per week can take you approximately 3 hours to do if they’re easy. A typical college semester lasts about 15 weeks — which means that by sending 2 tasks per week to our experts, you’re saving yourself 45 hours of your life.

Think about all the things you could do if you weren’t burdening yourself with unnecessary homework.

- Music theory can get tricky, but one can learn to play basic guitar or ukulele within just a week of practice!

- Instead of wasting time on homework, you could be learning the valuable skill of driving and spend the time going to lessons. And while you’re out there learning the rules of the road, our writers will take care of your GPA.

- Those homework hours could do great things for your body if they’re turned into workout hours. Just imagine the progress after 15 weeks!
Spend Less
Think ordering essays is expensive? Let’s do some quick math. We charge $11 per page, but check out what’s included in the price:

For $11, you are introduced to a personal assistant with extensive experience in academic writing who will be ready to take on your work. Through your personal chat, you can offer them your ideas or theses to make the paper tailored towards what you need. You will also be able to edit and revise the paper until it’s perfect. The $11 price tag includes the title page, citation, and all the formatting, in addition to a plagiarism-report from a reliable website, which proves that this paper is fully original. As you see, $11 can go a long way.