Critical Analysis Essay Topics: Technology, Scientific, Animals, Media, Sports

Critical Analysis Essay

What You Need to Know About Critical Analysis Writing

Throughout school and college, people constantly undergo evaluations. However, sometimes students get an opportunity to become judges themselves through critical writing. Our professional essay writing services team explains how to write critical analysis essay in this article. What is a critical analysis essay at all? This type of college writing requires a detailed analysis of an existing piece of literature or art. Usually, such research paper develops the following:

  • Critical reading skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Critical writing skills

Anyone who sticks to the end of this article will compose a critical analysis paper like a professional writer. So, get ready to absorb essay-writing tips!

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Crafting a Critical Analysis Outline

Today, everybody can easily access a do my essay service to improve their academic writing. For instance, our experts know how to write a critical analysis essay. One rule is that a critical analysis outline is obligatory for good essay writing. Here is why:

Helps to Evaluate the Paper Volume

Usually, professors tell students how many pages long should the entire paper be. In this case, plans help estimate the possible text volumes of critical essays.

Lead Writers’ Thoughts

Great critical analysis essays have a smooth flow and logical reasoning. A critical essay outline helps the author to decide how to deliver the main points gradually.

Crafting a Critical Analysis Outline


How does a critical essay structure look? A student should start writing a critical analysis example by forming an introductory paragraph that catches the reader’s attention. Although this principle always works for academic writing, a critical essay introduction differs from other writing assignments. Its peculiarities are as follows:

Introduce the Book to the Readers

First, the opening paragraph must contain background information about the paper or other object that undergoes analysis. If it’s a critical thinking essay about a book, the intro has the author’s name, book name, publication date, etc. Plus, a catchy quote or question is always welcome.

Put Brief Impression From the Book

Secondly, a critical essay intro ends with a strong thesis statement. A student briefly expresses their opinion on the author’s main points in a critical analysis thesis statement.


After the thesis statement, there is the main body. So, the next question is how to write a critical analysis essay body. Sticking to the following rules is essential:


The critical analysis consists of several body paragraphs. Generally, all the points in the critical essay body paragraphs provide background information and solid evidence for the thesis statement. 


According to the rules of the critical analysis writing process, a student expresses personal feelings about the writing style or plot and uses supporting evidence like quotes.

Topic Sentences

Another requirement is to start writing every body paragraph with a topic sentence. It gives a brief overview of the upcoming info. Sometimes, it helps to sample critical analysis essay to understand the writing strategies!


Finally, every critical analysis essay needs a short conclusion after the body paragraphs. How to write a critical essay conclusion? There is one rule:

Repeat the Main Points

Since the concluding paragraph is a brief summary, it repeats the central claim or thesis statement. One requirement is to exclude new theoretical concepts, facts, and other credible sources. The final part shows how well a student did critical reading and objective analysis. After all, a critical essay example inspires the readers to do further research.

100 Topics for a Critical Analysis Essay

After studying the critical essay format, consider the critical thinking essay topics we suggest!

Topics for a Critical Analysis Essay

15 Best Topics on Technology

In critical essays, the goal is to express a personal opinion about various things. Even a tech-inclined student can write a critical essay! Here are the best topics for a critical analysis essay on technology:

  1. Pros and cons of matchmaking technology in dating apps
  2. No code AI and the future of programming
  3. The current limitations of meta-universe and ways of lowering them
  4. The modern approaches to the elimination of cyber threats
  5. What do ‘green’ tech companies gain from becoming environmentally friendly?
  6. How did public opinion on brain implants change throughout the decades?
  7. Is it possible to protect personal data on a smartphone?
  8. How can a brand change after entering the NFT industry?
  9. The idea of virtual romantic partners: advantages and disadvantages 
  10. Solutions for decreasing screen time to protect mental health 
  11. The evolution of TV set functions
  12. Do modern smartphones and tablets need new features?
  13. The most underappreciated modern technology
  14. Which sphere of life currently has to be less tech-dependent?
  15. Problems of cities that became global tech hubs
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20 Scientific Topics

Our service can offer engaging scientific critical analysis essay topics:

  1. Should Mars colonization be the main focus for humanity?
  2. What is the potential of synthetic biology?
  3. Earthquakes all over the planet: causes and predictions
  4. Is it possible to conceptualize the fourth dimension?
  5. Alternative theories about the nature of black holes
  6. Is the human brain really that similar to a computer?
  7. How can changes in the Gulf Stream affect the European climate?
  8. The most impactful medical discovery of the last decade
  9. How to differentiate mental illness from common character traits?
  10. Is global hunger that easy to stop?
  11. The course of action that helped restore the ozone layer
  12. Is Earth currently going through another mass extinction?
  13. Places where laws of physics don’t work 
  14. Why do giant waves appear out of nowhere?
  15. The effect of low-frequency sounds on the nervous system 
  16. Magnetic storms and their impact on people’s health
  17. Can human population growth ever stop or even reverse?
  18. Is it possible for the human body to adapt to environmental pollution?
  19. Space and ocean: what is harder to explore?
  20. How can gut bacteria affect human behavior?

10 Topics on Animals

Sometimes, a student has to write a critic essay example or develop good critical essay topics. If someone needs critical analysis essay topics on animals, this article contains them too:

  1. How did dolphins evolve to become so intelligent?
  2. Why have some species never evolved throughout millions of years?
  3. Should people control populations of wild animals?
  4. Which animals have the potential to become domesticated?
  5. Why are rats the perfect laboratory animals?
  6. Can animals have the same emotional spectrum as humans?
  7. Dangers of keeping wild cats as pets
  8. Are there any more ethical alternatives to zoos?
  9. Which countries have the strictest laws regarding animal cruelty?
  10. Peculiarities of having dangerous house pets in families with children

25 Easy Topics

Themes for critical essays can be more or less complicated. How to write a critical essay that is easy to understand? Here are some easy critical analysis essay topics:

  1. The weirdest fashion trend in the recent years 
  2. Which modern book author is overrated?
  3. The best pet for a small apartment
  4. How to avoid overworking?
  5. Why is astrology so popular nowadays?
  6. Why do people become bullies?
  7. Should people change jobs frequently?
  8. Coexisting with someone who has a different love language
  9. Why do people confuse laziness with depression?
  10. The most harmful fairytale for kids
  11. How to tackle loneliness in a big city?
  12. Which non-existent job does modern society lack?
  13. Can someone force themselves to be happy?
  14. The most overrated and underrated tourist destinations
  15. The most effective family bonding activities
  16. Fan fiction that is better than the original books
  17. Anime that had the most cultural impact
  18. Anti-poverty programs in your country
  19. The formula of a song that can become viral
  20. Can someone have several life callings?
  21. How to find friends in adult life?
  22. ‘Healthy’ eating trends that are unhealthy in reality
  23. Why are fidget toys so popular?
  24. Overused tropes in movies
  25. Unusual talents that help in life

20 Topics on Media

Critical essay topics can cover any subject that a student finds engaging. Looking up a great critical analysis essay sample online helps find inspiration for writing, and lists of topics also help. For those liking the media theme, here are some worthy title options:

  1. How to make mass media more objective?
  2. The use of emotional language in media and its effect
  3. Will anything change about the media in the future?
  4. Mass media in historical context: its evolution throughout centuries
  5. Mass media in cultural context: are there differences between media in East and West?
  6. The effect of accelerated AI development on media
  7. Different generations and their media consumption 
  8. How to tell that a media source is unbiased?
  9. Reasons for the boom of edutainment content in the recent years 
  10. Will social media apps eventually overpower other media sources?
  11. Which form of media has to remain in the past?
  12. Which groups of people tend to trust mainstream media more?
  13. How many media sources should an average person follow?
  14. Does the media always represent the most popular opinions?
  15. Which media techniques no longer work?
  16. What are the alternatives to mainstream media?
  17. Which positive effect only mass media can have on society?
  18. Is it possible for regular people to voice their problems through the media?
  19. What are the first signs that the media fully gets under governmental control?
  20. Is silencing anti-government media possible nowadays?

10 Topics on Sports 

Somebody keen on sports can write a critical about their favorite subject. The good news is that there are numerous critical essay examples and topics for a critical analysis essay about physical activities:

  1. Can physical labor replace doing sports in the gym?
  2. Peculiarities of unsupervised home training with video tutorials
  3. Sports and politics: should people separate them?
  4. Should training have different intensities during different stages of life?
  5. The most underrated American football coaches
  6. Should athletes lose their medals after committing crimes?
  7. What is the acceptable age for finishing a sports career?
  8. Which activity can become a future Olympic sport?
  9. How to make the judgment in sports more objective?
  10. Do all kinds of sports improve mental health equally?

Wrapping Up

Overall, a critical analysis essay has a specific purpose and contents. Such a task trains students to evaluate others’ work. Luckily, the mentioned information is of great help. 

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