How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

A research paper refers to an essay that one writes whereby one shows his/her interpretation of an individual subject, the writer includes his thoughts, ideas, research, and information composition on the given topic to make up the paper. Many people think that a research paper involves creating a summary of a given topic using as many resources as they can come up with, however, a research paper is by no mean a summary since the author relies on their knowledge regarding the topic and they show what they know on the subject with little help from external and scholarly sources.

Often students need to write a research proposal in order to prove the importance actuality od their work

Writing a Research Paper

Students write many research papers in the course of their education, the most common topics chosen for research papers are papers centered on business and its environment: cyber-crimes and security, business ethics, blue and white collar jobs, another frequent topic being articles on law, justice and crime, and lastly the most common being drugs and substance abuse related issues. Most scholars choose these topics because information on these topics is common and easily available therefore it is easy to create the research paper.

Steps of Writing a Research Paper

As one writes a research paper, there are eight stages that to be followed, the first step being choosing a topic. The topic chosen by the student should be one in which he or she has knowledge in so as to make writing easy, next is gathering as much information on the given topic as possible so that the researcher can use the information that they learn in the paper and after this, one has to write a very brief thesis statement that gives the readers a solid idea of what the paper is about.
After the thesis, one creates an outline that he is to follow when writing the paper, and this is to make sure that no information is left out then the writer is to clearly organize all the notes that he/she has following the outline after which one creates a draft. The draft is created separately as it is just a rough idea of what the final paper is expected to look like, after which the author compares the draft and the outline, correcting whatever they find wrong in the outline. Finally one types the final paper, using the revised outline, this helps to have a well written concise research paper.


A research paper should not be presented as a summary, the essay helper writes something original on the topic that he or she is working on, and authors should note that if they create an overview of another written work then the paper is no longer a research paper but a summary.