How to Write a College Admission Essay

How to Write a College Admission Essay

A college admission essay is meant to provide the college a brief understanding of the person applying for the admission. It is supposed to reflect the person’s character, background and their ambitions especially in the field the person is applying for in the college. Consequently, it is supposed to reflect the personality of the applicant in brief.

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How to start a college admission essay

The writer should start by providing a brief summary of the subject matter being discussed such that the summary reflects the entire content of in the essay. It should introduce the reader on the matter being discussed in the essay where the essay helper may give the perspectives he/she will use in the essay. It should also have a well-considered sentence that gives a summary view of the topic being discussed.

College Admission Essay format

A college admission essay should provide a brief understanding of the writer’s life (similar to reflective essay). Therefore, it should start with a brief overview of the matter being discussed and how the writer is involved in it. It should also explain why the writer is interested in the incident he/she is writing about. Then, he should write about the matter in brief giving matters that are relevant to the subject being discussed. The content should be eye-catching and interesting to the reader. Finally, the writer should have a conclusion that leaves a lasting memory to the reader. The writer should always provide a topic that is relevant to the prompt but always eye-catching.

College Admission Essay Tips

The write should be keen to know the prompt or the question being asked before resuming to write. This will ensure that he does not miss on the important issue that is supposed to be addressed. The writer should then take the time to brainstorm so as to build content for the essay. The writer should then build an outline for the essay to guide him/her through the essay. The writer may then write the essay, and finish by proof-reading to ensure that there are no errors.

College Admission Essay Prompts

Some of the essay prompts include:

  • What is your interest in this field of specialization?
  • Describe a person you admire
  • What is a book you love?
  • Describe your impact in a team
  • Which extra-curricular activity that has been meaningful to you?
Tips on writing a college admission essay

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