Painted Essay: What Is It & Why You May Need It

painted essay

Everyone who is asked to write a painted essay once may find themselves quite puzzled. Who wouldn’t want to paint at the English lesson?

Schoolchildren of any age would be amazed by writing colors and the technique used for creating a painted essay. It provides an opportunity to see what good writing should look like.

Unlike traditional essays, a painted essay uses primary and secondary colors to tell a story. This color wheel is all about helping find the cornerstones of an essay. Yet, many students still find it hard to complete the assignment. A good professional essay writing service, however, can help even with a painted essay as well.

What Is The Painted Essay?

A painted essay was invented and first created by Diana Laddy, a primary school teacher from Vermont. It used the idea that primary and secondary school students rely on visuals. That means they can create a visual message better than a written one. So why not use it?

At the same time, the painted essay may still look like a finished story rather than a single episode. A good painted essay has a color wheel that is dominant and helps explain the main idea.

In other words, a painted essay is a way to see things as they are. A good painted essay template usually has a structure with certain primary colors. Thus, it is important to teach students to create essays based on the existing pattern. Such a skill will be useful later in writing.

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Three Aspects Of Why We Need To Use A Painted Essay

It’s foolish to expect that kids can come up with a written essay not understanding their purpose. Writing is a skill that evolves in students throughout their studies. However, with a painted essay, it’s possible to prepare young students to standards they will be expected to comply with later.

For example, when creating a painted essay, we still need to keep it organized. In other words, a painted essay graphic organizer will know how to build an essay structure in the future. Why? Because they already know that the thing they create should be consistent and effective.

painted essay

The First Aspect

To create a good painted essay, students should have enough knowledge. They can’t paint anything they are not aware of. Regardless of how many different writing colors they use.

That means students should not only know a bit about the topic. They should have enough information to build a perspective. There must be something which they can relate to when telling their story.

The Second Aspect

The second aspect is language. The painted essay is a good fit for all students because it does not rely on the language that much. In other words, things you can paint do not necessarily need to be worded properly. Primary and secondary colors matter the most in this case.

However, when painting, students still learn to formulate their thoughts. That basically means they learn to use words to express their ideas even though they paint with the color wheel.

The Third Aspect Of Painted Essay

The third aspect is structure building. It is usually a challenge for young writers. They need to ensure that their essay looks consistent and reads smoothly to others. Most often, students start writing having a mere understanding of what structure should look like.

When it comes to a painted essay, it is still important to craft a structure for the story. However, it helps students train to see the structure among the chaos. Yet, the requirements are not that harsh. They learn to build a structure from the very beginning to the end like a painted essay graphic organizer, arranging their thoughts and ideas.

Painted Essay Template

If we consider a provided painted essay template, we can see that it uses different writing colors to guide readers and focus their attention. For example, the introduction is painted in red because its goal is to attract attention. A thesis statement is usually a part of the introduction however, it is not optional. It is still the key one that’s why it’s painted in green. Sometimes, a thesis statement includes two points and ideas. It’s important to highlight them in different colors in order not to miss them.

The yellow block means the first paragraph of the body. This is the part that still keeps the focus while presenting facts. All of its subparts are yellow as well because they talk about the first point in the thesis.

The blue block is a continuation of reflections stemming from the thesis statement. It keeps readers’ attention focused on the second point of the thesis.

In most painted essay examples, the conclusion is green. It’s because it merges two points expressed in the thesis. Yellow and blue create green. The conclusion is not only about the facts but also about the authors’ ideas concerning the topic.

Clearly, this template looks exactly the way most writer services create their essays.

painted essay outline

What Our Writers Think About The Painted Essay

Even though most painted essays look similar, our writers have other thoughts that can help you get a better understanding of this kind of essay.

"I think we’ll see improvements in writing because we all use the same methods and language. Consistency is key to success. Since the painted essay uses writing colors to help students understand the structure of an essay, it can be further used for any writing situation."

"Color tips help students understand organizational models and the function of each section. That means if students learn essay format by using this color scheme, it will free them from formalities. That will result in turning on their creative side."

The painted essay might not be a perfect sample for explanatory or informational letters. Its structure is definitely far from the scheme based on statements and proofs. However, it also requires students to provide evidence before formulating their opinion.

The painted essay should not be perceived as something solid. It’s extremely flexible and can reflect any structure students need to use. They can modify it the way they seem fit while sticking to the topic and respecting the structure. That means students are equipped to think and write as clearly as possible.

Sum Up

Most "write my essays for me" service advise their clients to think of a structure before writing their essays. It can come in the form of an outline or a painted essay.

Even if the painted essay may seem a bit challenging as a task, it’s actually a great way to help students keep their focus on the structure. They can connect different parts of the essay by colors, making sure no idea is missed.

In the end, they can verify if a certain part of their essay is in line with a painted essay. Every part of the written essay should play the role predetermined in the painted essay for it to read well.

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