How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Outline, Structure, Ideas

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Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Suddenly, you are assigned a cause and effect paper, and you don't even know where to start, let alone how to write a cause and effect essay overall. First, you need to know what it is and its significance and have a way of addressing such an essay in action.

First, before starting the writing process, you should know what is a cause and effect essay. It's a form of an argumentative essay that explains the effect relationships between two subjects, often within the context of a big-picture issue. Now we can move on to the academic writing process.

Step one, make a list of cause and effect essay topics, choose yours from them, then brainstorm to decide whether you are writing about cause or effect and which one you want to focus on. After this, you should conduct the research, craft your thesis, then write an outline and get your first draft down. The cause and effect essay definition is an academic paper that explores an incident and either its causes or its effects. However, its concept is made easier by a simple example. If you feel that this is a difficult task for you and you will not be able to complete it for the maximum score, you can hire a professional essay writer on a reliable essay writing services and not worry about the quality of this work.

Cause: The child experiences physical or emotional abuse at home.

Effect: Consequently, he projects his deep negative emotions onto his peers.

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As one can see here, the cause is the fact, what initially happened, and the effect is the result from what happened. Therefore, in brief, a cause and effect essay explores the initial occurrence (the cause) and what in turn happened producing the result (effects).

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Cause And Effect Essay Ideas

Begin with a cause and effect essay outline. Go through some thoughts that jump up at you, jot them down, and go with an interesting one that has some depth. There are many cause and effect essay topics, so narrow the overall idea to something more detail-oriented. For example, if the concept is "The Association between household income and Childhood Education," you can strip it to "Single Mothers and the education levels of their Offspring." Ok, if you put these two topics against each other, one sees the same problem, but the latter is more specific and easier to work with. Make a clear, to-the-point, smooth, and captivating title.

Go through one by one with these pointers, and you'll be able to get ideas for cause and effect essays, one that strikes you. You can also find effective essay examples online, which will help you to brainstorm your essay topics.

Except, if you don't have any new ideas, then allow us to recommend a bunch of subject matter from which to choose. Finally, narrow it down to an ideas cause and effect essay, and you'll be good. Here are some social and cultural movements, environmental impact, education, wellness, and nutrition. And finally, from just one topic, you can narrow it down further from your cause and effect paper ideas, for example, nutrition. How do fruits and veggies influence someone's energy? Their effect on cholesterol levels. The new health food craze and its impact on society. Culture of food and how it influences person to person. Organic farming and its influence on nutrition levels.

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You can now mentally shape some topic ideas. From here, we can form the cause and effect essay structure. There are a couple of different types of structures one can employ. Some cause and effect structure examples are on the way, but first, we should make a template guide for how an essay should be formatted.

The structure for a cause and effect essay should generally be 5 paragraphs.

The intro is where you present your topic and thesis.

Paragraph number one - where you talk about one idea that backs the thesis.

In paragraph two - you write about another idea that backs your thesis. And the antithesis, where you employ the opposite end of the argument.

And finally, the conclusion, where you write the thesis statement again and give thoughts for another paper on the topic later on down the line.

For example, there's the blockchain structure on the types of structures. The block structure suggests holding all causes for the start of the essay, after which comes the effects. So an example would be a cause and effect outline template written for an essay in the form of a block structure on gun violence and its causes and effects:

Intro with a Grabbing Hook.

Gun Violence is a huge issue in the western world. For example, the Chicago Census Bureau states that 4,000 deaths occur a year due to gun violence.

Main Body paragraphs 

  • Cause #1: The psychology of gun violence is described as a need for attention.
  • Cause #2: Issues in the home environment, school, and general poverty can force gun violence.

Transition: Gun violence is a major issue with many different societal effects.

  • Effect #1: People use gun violence to gain the attention they seek 
  • Effect #2: Gun violence plummets property rates and exacerbates violent trends.     


Gun Violence is a huge problem in the western world and is tackled to promote a progressive and modern living environment for everyone.

And different from the block structure is the chain structure, which indicates that with every cause comes an effect. So the rule to this is that every effect turns into a cause, which makes a chain if you will.


Cause and effect essays need to be easy to understand. Use simple and easy-going language. Write your cause and effect essay body paragraph and align it with the outline. Don't forget to stay with the chosen format from the beginning and use simple transitions between the different parts of the essay. Here are examples of good transition phrases and words that make cause and effect writing easier and smoother.

  • For Causes: Due to, because, since, one/next/another cause is, etc.
  • For Effects: As a result, one/second/another result is, therefore, thus, etc. 

Per paragraph, you'll need a topic sentence that puts out the overall idea of the paragraph. It will show the reader whether the paragraph is about causes, effects, or outcomes. Next, you'll need supporting sentences. Every paragraph needs 2-3 supporting sentences. In the cause and effect body, these show the different causes, effects, and solutions with facts to go along with them, making your reader agree with you.

One more time, topic sentence, supporting sentence, facts, examples, supporting sentence, facts, examples, and so on. This way, everything is structured logically and easy to understand.


Cause and effect essays follow a certain set of guidelines, and the concluding paragraph is arguably the easiest part of the essay. It's a summarization that simply states what has already been stated. Never put new info in the final and last part of your essay. You've already done the work and just need to tie it together with your cause and effect conclusion. State your thesis again; the first sentence should state the thesis once more. Finally, write the summary and the main points of the body. The cause and effect essay conclusion is near completion, along with the rest of the essay. Just write a pithy closing statement that puts the cherry on top of the final thought, which is optional. And you are finally finished with the conclusion of cause and effect essay number one. Good job; you now know what is cause and effect essay and how to make it stellar.

Cause And Effect Essay Outline

A cause and effect essay writing can be easy when you choose the right structure. Other than certain essentials needed for structure, your decision is how a paper should be put together. The block is mostly better for quick essays because it's candid, and the chain is better for making sure the effects in an essay go along with the causes.

Creating the outline for a cause and effect paper can be a bit more specific. Perhaps you want to know why you have to create an outline. Well, it does help with gaining a good overview of the writing and makes everything easier. There are a few ways to put together a cause and effect essay: Multiple Causes, one single effect, One cause with numerous effects, and the domino pattern. But here you have it; the cause and effect essay template is as such.

How to choose the right structure, writing a cause and effect essay can be easy when you choose the right structure. Other than certain essentials needed for structure, how a paper should be put together is your decision. Mostly, the block is better for quick essays because it’s candid and the chain is better for making sure the effects in an essay go right along with the causes.

The creation of the outline for a cause and effect paper can be a bit more specific. Perhaps you want to know why you have to create an outline. Well, it does actually help with gaining a good overview of the writing and makes everything easier. Now, there are a few ways to put together a cause and effect essay: Multiple Causes one single effect, One Cause numerous effects and the domino pattern. But here you have it, the cause and effect essay template is as such.

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You need to formulate a strong cause and effect thesis that introduces the general concept. After picking your topic, you should work out your thesis statement. The cause and effect thesis statement should answer the question: why should I care about this topic? Also, write whether your focus is opening up causes, effects, or both. And if you are struggling with how to even start a cause and effect essay, then the thesis will bring you right on in and help. This will help ease the reader into your paper and set the foreground for a clear, concise, and well-understood paper about why they should care about this topic. The cause and effect essay thesis will draw them in to make it interesting. It is used as a launch pad to push you into the majority of your research and indicates to the readers what is to come.

Thesis statement examples for cause and effect essays: "Gun Violence is highly prevalent in the western world." - The Chicago Census Bureau has stated that 4,000 deaths are caused a year due to gun violence in the city of Сhicago alone. This essay explores the causes and effects of gun violence.

Turn your critical thinking skills and get facts that support the argument. To make your cause and effect seem perfect, find an accurate and important point for your causes and effects. For example, let's say you are writing about the causes and effects of gun violence; quality examples and details would be statistics on gun violence, expert opinion, real stories, etc.

Try to find different cause and effect examples essay online and practice with them. This way, you can make your writing process easier next time.


Essay cause and effect can be made easy if you follow all our steps accordingly but let's look at how it should be formatted. It’s important to give proof in order to support what it is you are arguing. Use references to label your terms and give evidence. Cite your references with MLA or APA, either or will do depending on what your instructor wants. This is about all one needs to know regarding the cause and effect essay format. 

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