How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School: Guides and Tips

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Almost all colleges and universities ask their applicants to attach a short supporting letter. It’s important to know what to include when writing a personal statement for law school because sometimes your admission to the university of your dreams depends on it! Or you can ask essay writing services to help you with this task! So what is it exactly?

A personal statement is a short overview of your achievements that you want to present to the committee. You can include anything you want in a law school personal statement, from your past experiences to your student credentials. Just remember that this is not an academic paper, so you should be more open and candid.

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Our experts assume that PS letters don’t have a fixed structure. How long should a personal statement be for law school admission committee to give you the perfect score? Usually, universities ask for around 1-2 pages of content.

If you are still overwhelmed, try following this personal statement law school format:

• Who am I and what do I want to study?

• What can I achieve in this university?

• Why did I choose this institution specifically?

• What makes me special out of all other candidates?

Why do Law Schools Require Personal Statement?

Just like for other institutions, writing personal statement for law school is required almost everywhere. This is not a whim of a specific university but rather a tool for choosing the best candidates from hundreds of others. When all applications are smart, it might come down to their law school personal statement and not their GPAs. So, you better start writing!

First of all, all lawyers have to write and present their thoughts in a clear manner. If you can’t express yourself in a 1-page letter, how can you pursue a career in law? Look up personal statement for law school examples for your inspiration. But remember that yours has to be unique, as you share your own journey with the committee.

‍Also, some students choose a career in legislation because it’s respected, like being a doctor. In these cases, law school personal statement essays are a chance to separate yourself from such people. Show the committee that being an attorney is actually your passion and not just something that your parents want for you.

Lastly, with your essay, colleges can see your motivation and your way of thinking. Being passionate is not enough today, so students better start preparing early. You can move past the rigorous process of choosing a candidate with enough determination and a lot of hard work.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School?

Now comes the most important part: you actually will learn how to create law school personal statements so that you can get into the college of your dreams. While most of the universities don’t require a specific structure, there is still a universal law school essay format that is accepted by every institution. Here is a cheat sheet on how to write a perfect PS!

How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School?

1. Create a law school personal statement outline and the first draft.

Having a plan before starting to create something is helpful, even when the task needs creativity. Often, students search for a personal statement for law school example in order to have some idea for an outline. There are some points that are useful when you are making a plan for your essay:

  • Introduction. Use a hook and a solid thesis in the first paragraph. A reader should understand everything that you want to say from the introduction of your personal statement law school. Be brief but passionate!
  • Body paragraphs that explain why you want to become a lawyer. It can be a good idea to offer a private anecdote from your life and explain its relevance to your career choice in the next paragraphs.
  • Conclusion. You should revisit your thesis from the introduction. Don’t use clichéd phrases like ‘this is my story’ or ‘I will be my best self’. Some colleges don’t like that as it shows a lack of creativity.

2. Make sure to connect with the reader through stories.

You are not a robot but a human being. Your uniqueness is exactly what sets you apart from other applicants! This is especially evident from other law school personal statement examples on the Internet. Also, this way, you can provide context on what kind of lawyer you want to be in the future.

There is a fine line between using your past experiences for writing and flooding the reading committee with your private adventures. Try hiring paper writer on EssayHub if you feel like you can’t find a balance between your intimate and professional sides. A reader should feel connected to you, but not too much.

3. Wrap up your story in a clear fashion.

Usually, colleges and universities require a specific length of your law school essay writing. You need to finish your thoughts nicely and still remind the reader why they should choose you. Come back to the introduction and restate some ideas, so your essay seems finished!

4. Check everything twice.

Give it a couple of days before revisiting your essay. If you think that you don’t like some parts of your paper anymore, it’s always better to rewrite than to work around it.

For some people, it is helpful to read their work aloud to others. They can find some small mistakes or even inconsistencies in your writing. This way, a student will probably edit out some of the parts that are not relevant to the university and add something better.

Personal Statement Tips for Law School Application

So, now that you know how to create a perfect PS essay, here are bonus law school personal statement tips that will help you in organizing your thoughts and your paper. Your final work needs to be really good to stand out.

Personal Statement Tips for Law School Application

1. Take your time.

Don’t put off your law school application essay till the last minute! You don’t want your paper to look rushed or unfinished. However surprising it may be, this is exactly what will help you to take your time. As you finish your essay, put it away for some time and re-read it after a couple of days to have a fresh look at it.

2. Make the first draft without a character limit.

Most universities specify the length of the papers. You might think that 4,000 characters is a lot but you can get carried away. Pay no attention to the character limit at first. Maybe even look up a personal statement for law school example online to get the general idea of where to start. You might take out a lot of content or add something that you forgot in the end.

3. Your main focus should be your life.

Some applicants can be confused regarding what makes a good personal statement for law school and start writing about other people. Colleges are not interested in your previous teachers, your parents, or your best friends. They want you and your life story!

4. Write an opening that will hook the committee.

Law universities receive thousands of applications every year. Having a striking first sentence is exactly how to write a good personal statement for law school and stand out from other applicants! You have to grab the attention of the readers immediately for them to remember you.

5. Proofread everything.

This tip includes not only grammar and punctuation but the overall flow of the paper. If you need help with law essays, you can visit the university website and look through previous successful applications.

6. Just let your thoughts flow!

Sometimes, when you try too hard, nothing good will come out. Applicants often think about impressing the committee so much that they forget to add a unique touch. While you still need to be professional in your PS paper, start out by simply writing what comes to your mind.

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