Medical School Secondary Essays: What Is It & How to Write It Right

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When planning to build a health career and preparing to apply to the selected med schools, there is some bad news for you - your work is never over when you complete your primary application.

The general application you submit with AMCAS, AACOMAS, or TMDSAS is just the first stage. It is your primary application which is the same for all schools you are applying to. But, after it, there is also the second stage of the application process, which will be unique for every school.

In your secondary application medical school, you will most likely be asked to answer a series of short essay questions. Depending on the type of school, the process might be slightly different. Some schools ask all applicants to submit their secondary essays medical school, whereas others only send them to students they’d like to move further in the admissions process. The number of questions and prompts also varies.

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What is the purpose of med school essays? Basically, the main goal is to learn more about potential students. Secondary essays give you another opportunity to show your uniqueness and explain why you are a good fit for the chosen program.

What types of essays are there? Although schools provide unique prompts, it is possible to outline the following most common types of secondary essays:

  • challenge essay;
  • diversity essay;
  • gap year essay;
  • anything else you’d like us to know?” essay;
  • “why us?” essay.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these types, provide you with handy guidelines and tips for writing them, and even share a few samples for your inspiration. And, in case you need extra help, don’t forget that you can always come to us asking 'please, write my essay' and get a brilliant paper with literally no effort.

Medical School Diversity Essay

The first paper type, a diversity medical school essay, is rather popular across different schools that are long known for fostering diversity. The thing is that specialists in the medical and healthcare fields often have to interact with people of various backgrounds, so it is vital that these specialists are able to respect and understand others regardless of their differences. This is exactly what schools want to see in your diversity essay medical school.

If you are wondering how to write a diversity essay for medical school, there are mostly two rules - appropriately address the given prompt and highlight your cultural competency. Some of the main diversity essay ideas you should span in your answer include:

  • The awareness of the fact that patients have diverse health needs, beliefs, and practices.
  • The willingness and effort to accept this diversity.
  • The willingness and effort to keep these differences at the core when providing care for patients.
  • The willingness and effort to remain compassionate and respectful to all patients regardless of their backgrounds.

So, this is basically what should be expressed in this type of essay. If you need more help, our essay writing service is always here for you to execute your "write an essay for me" request or simply you can order essay after signing up on EssayHub.

Medical School Adversity Essay

Another common type of prompt is an adversity secondary essay. In a nutshell, this type of prompt focuses on discovering challenges, dilemmas, and difficult situations potential students have faced. Yet, despite the common belief, the main purpose of giving you this essay type is not to learn about your challenges, but rather to see how you respond to them.

Thus, when writing an adversity essay medical school, your core goal is to show the admissions committee your resilience, maturity, and capacity for growth, which are all vital for performing well first, in a med school and, then, in your career.

What can you tell in your med school adversity essay? Once again, it is vital to stress the importance of answering the prompt. Each school may provide different prompts and you have to keep a specific one at the core.

Nevertheless, some of the key things you will want to showcase in this type of essay include:

  • how you react to difficulties and challenging situations in your life;
  • how you manage stress;
  • how you seek solutions to the challenges you are facing;
  • how you reflect on the challenging situations later on;
  • how you use the lessons you’ve learned in the future.

The Medical School "Why Us?" Essay

Another very common topic for secondary essays is the banal “Why us?” question. As you can easily guess, the main purpose of giving such essays to potential students is to define their motives for applying to a specific school.

Still, here is a thing - admissions committees know that you are most likely applying to several schools. They also know that your GPA must be close to their requirements and that their location is likely suitable for you. And this is NOT what they want to see in your secondary applications medical school.

In order to find non-banal reasons, it is vital to do some decent preparation. Start by monitoring the web. Visit a trusted health career website and track medical assistant job listings to see what opportunities you will have. Check what professions are there in the health career field, what salaries are there, where these jobs can be found, etc.

Also, study the school’s mission and values. Align your own aspirations and values with the ones the chosen school has to show why you are a good fit.

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How to Write Secondary Essays for Medical School

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to write secondary essays for medical school.

secondary essays for medical school

Identify the Essay Type and Purpose

The first thing to pay attention to is the type of prompt you are given. Now, you already know how to write a diversity essay for medical school and other types and see how they are different. So, be sure to identify your essay type and purpose early.

Do Your Research

Start doing your healthcare career search even before you apply. Study health information management jobs sites and other resources to see what health career perspectives you have and get a good understanding of the medical field in general.

Answer the Prompt

Remember that you have a specific question (prompt) that you must answer as early and straightforwardly as possible. So, when you start writing your secondary applications medical school, read the prompt carefully and think of your answer before you do anything else.

Make an Outline

You will be given a specific character count limit that has to be met. Thus, you will have to use your space effectively and the best way to do this is by outlining your main points before you jump straight to writing.

Use Concrete, Relevant Examples

General statements don’t make quite as much impact as real stories and examples. Thus, where appropriate, feel free to support your points with concrete examples. Yet, always make sure that all examples relate to your topic.

Reflect on Your Experiences

Instead of simply telling about your experience, show what you’ve learned, how it affected you, and why it’s significant.


Lastly, carefully proofread your essay to identify and fix mistakes and ensure that you’ve followed all the requirements. You can either proofread and edit it yourself or ask experts from our writing essays service for help.

Examples of Secondary Essays for Medical School

Check out samples from our essay service EssayHub to see what such essays should look like.

Diversity Essay Medical School Example

Example 1:

Our world is so diverse and all its beauty is hidden in this diversity. Being from a family of immigrants, I have been surrounded by people with different backgrounds.

Example 2:

Regardless of the gender, background, or any other unique features, there are always so many things to be self-conscious about in each of us. But, what if we encourage diversity rather than judge by it? This is the choice we have to make every day.

Adversity Essay Medical School Example

Living in a family with an autism-diagnosed sister is one of the major life lessons I have ever faced so far. My sister’s diagnosis was first revealed when she was only a few months old. Being only five years older than her, I never saw her uniqueness as something bad in my childhood. Not until I stepped into my teen years.

Being a teenager, we all get inclined to listen more to other people's opinions. So that’s what happened to me. When I started noticing public reactions to my sister and hearing unpleasant comments, I was getting more and more embarrassed about being around her and our bond was starting to weaken. It continued through my high school and college years until I happened to read a book Following Ezra, which turned out to be a mind- and heart-altering experience.

After reading the book, I still continue getting to know and understand my sister and it turns me into a stronger, more empathetic, and also more confident human being. And even though it is still challenging from time to time, to me, it is an ongoing learning experience that helps me become my better self every day.

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