How to Write a Term Paper

How to Write a Term Paper

At the end of every semester, certain courses in college require the student to write what is called the “End of the Year Term Paper”. Though it may sound daunting, it is just a voluminous research paper that covers a topic learned throughout the semester within the course. However, this is no small task. Some instructors will request a term paper to be a few pages while others want a 20-page colossal piece of literature! Regardless, knowing how to write a term paper with all of its key ingredients is a sure-fire way to guarantee the best grade possible! Or, if you simply do not have time, ordering an essay from a paper writing service such as EssayHub can bring you great results for a fair price!

Term Paper Examples of Topics

  • Research and analyze Apple's successful marketing and customer satisfaction strategies. What specifically made them so effective? (Business and Marketing)
  • Gun violence in America is drastically higher than in any other First World nation. Why is this and what can be done to control this issue? (Sociology)
  • Schooling appears as a one-dimensional pathway to academic success. What can be done to level out the playing field for students who are more “street smart”? (Psychology)
  • The topic of legalizing marijuana has been a long and drawn out battle for many years. What are the pros and cons of legalization for medical and recreational use? What should the final verdict be? (Marijuana 101)

These are just some sample term paper ideas that University Students commonly encounter. Each course will have its list and direction of topics that will greatly vary from these!

Term Paper Template

Structure and flow are two of the main aspects that make a term paper great. Regardless of the length, the term paper outline should follow a specific procedure; in other words, there should be an intriguing introduction, an informative body and an assertive conclusion.

The introduction should briefly introduce the subject at hand and its importance to society. It should NOT talk about specific details or facts that need to be proven by the thesis statement.
Afterward, you should begin scoping into the specific subject that will be discussed in the body paragraphs. Doing this narrows down the topic and thus gives the reader a clearer view of the content to come. The final sentence of the introduction, commonly referred to as the thesis statement, is the golden line of your entire essay you that you strive to defend. Usually, in term papers, this is an undiscovered point that needs validation via proof, otherwise known as research and analysis.

The body paragraphs are commonly referred to as the “meat” of the essay, and this name has come along for a reason. This part of the essay is strictly used to prove your thesis statement. Putting it into a different context, the body paragraph is the lawyer that is defending the defendant (thesis statement), and he will use every resource in his arsenal to justify the defendant's case. The goal in writing a term paper is being the most effective lawyer you can be, using research and facts to strengthen your side of the argument.

Depending on the length of the assignment, the body could be anywhere between 1 and 100 pages; it all comes down to the depth of the thesis statement you have crafted. Also, the body is usually broken into sections as the thesis should be bulky enough so as to be logically approachable from various angles. Being able to give a solid and well-defended argument for each section is the ideal way to prove your thesis statement fully!

Lastly, having a coherent sounding is an awesome way to earn some style points. The better you can build off of previous points, the more constructed your argument is. Using good transition words can help you jump from one idea to the next while also keeping the essay flowing well. Just make sure not completely to flip the switch on the point you were making!

The conclusion should come after you as the essay helper have stated everything you wanted to say. You have approached the thesis from all the angles you needed to cover and provided an in-depth analysis that logically states why your thesis statement should be taken as fact. After that, there are only a few more steps necessary to tie a pretty knot around your work!

First of all, restate the thesis statement in an assertive and confident way. This shows the reader that you have full faith in your own words and that what you stated makes clear and logical sense! Next, summarize your main arguments in a couple of sentences. In other words, take each of your angles of attack and shorten them down to about a sentence each; this gives your reader a recap of what you proved throughout your essay. Finally, provide an overall concluding statement. This should be a sentence that states the significance of the point proven in your essay and what its effects are on society. In other words, take it from a theoretical setting and place it into a real world application. This gives your essay LIFE!

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