Distance Learning During the Pandemic

distance learning

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, education has had quite a year in terms of adjusting to the new reality. Of course, distance learning has already been a significant part of the system. But it has never been so widespread globally before with both universities and schools online.

For students and teachers that have already been involved in distance learning a little has changed. They have been engaged in this curriculum before and managed to continue with new arising opportunities, like having more write my essay services (that deal with writing essays for money) to turn to or spending less time on commute. But for those who had to go online because of the pandemic, it has been a big change.

It is hard to make certain conclusions now, as the impact is yet to see. In general, there are pros and cons from both perspectives.

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Students’ Perspective

Of course, every individual has a unique experience, but overall students managed to perform very well under these circumstances. And some studies suggest that it is much easier to focus at home and learners tend to learn better online. It also depends on the age category.

The main benefits of distance learning for students are:

  • Opportunity to sleep more. There is no need to wake up early and spend a lot of time preparing and commuting. A healthy sleep pattern helps to perform better;
  • The education is more self-paced. The abundance of materials online allowed students to take more time for each task;
  • It is easier to focus when there are fewer stress factors. It is especially valid for school kids, as no matter how appealing a traditional class can be, schools are usually pretty loud;
  • It is easier for some to share opinions and communicate as there is less competition. If anyone can take part in a discussion via comments or posts, it is much more comfortable than trying to be the first one to raise a hand.
  • Overall, it helps to be more skilled in terms of time management.

But, of course, there are some cons. The main one is that not every student has access to all the technology needed for efficient distance learning. It is especially valid for developing countries. And another one is that adjustment to the new curriculum might be stressful as well as lack of social interaction.

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Teachers’ Perspective

Teachers’ experience with distance learning is a bit different. Those who’ve been teaching online classes before were ready for it. They know exactly how to adjust the curriculum to the needs and how to use technology and different media. But those who have no such experience struggled at first.

Luckily, there is a lot of help from different companies and programs, as well as governments. Many platforms gave free access to their communication technologies, like Zoom. Others offered free courses or programs to follow. Overall, the sense of unity is what made it much better.

Some of the benefits of this rapid change for teachers are:

  • It allows to offer more individual attention to students, especially those who are shy or do not like to participate in a heated debate;
  • It boosted international cooperation incredibly. Different projects, like Global Schoolnet, World Wise Schools, and Epals gained momentum. It helps to establish friendship through education between students and teachers.  After all, it is probably the first moment in education when almost all students and teachers share a similar experience. And with new technology it became easier to communicate, collaborate digitally, and share experience;
  • Professionals gained very useful experience with technologies. It also endorsed teachers to incorporate different games, activities, and multimedia tools into the classroom. And it is often much more effective to use different teaching methodologies at the same time.

Overall, it is safe to say that teachers managed to adjust pretty quickly and used all their professional knowledge to give the same quality of education to students. Some might have had a bit longer learning curve, but in the long run, all of those new skills will be very useful.

What is Next?

The one sure thing is that distance learning is not going anywhere. It has proven to be as good and valid as the traditional one. It makes education more accessible for different groups of students, as long as they have the technology. Distance learning had been a significant phenomenon before the pandemic, but now it is more obvious that it is actually quite beneficial.

One of the main results of this situation is the collaboration between educators all over the world. Before that, a lot of them would ask “what is Epals”. Now, a lot more teachers know that it is an international program that helps to build relationships between students. It focuses not only on communication but also on learning more about other countries and cultures.

The people to people international student travel program might not be open to everyone, but it is an excellent opportunity nevertheless.

Whether teachers chose Epals or People to People to introduce in their classrooms, both of them have great advantages. They help to develop international relationships and also to share new methodologies and technologies to make the process more effective.

Another easily predictable thing is further technological advancement and more opportunities for students. These range from an ability to buy essay when needed to landing a new remote job. If anything, this crisis has shown how essential it is to provide access to technology to all students and develop new communication and interaction means. E-learning is getting a significant boost with new studies and programs that engage with students more effectively. And there will be probably many more excellent tools, games, and interactive apps to come.

In Summary

Our online essay writing service experts think that distance learning, whether it is higher education or school curriculum, is quite efficient for both students and teachers. It is more self-paced and flexible in many ways. It also boosts self-motivation and time management skills in students. As a result, there are more and more online resources, helping platforms, and international communities that change education as we knew it before.

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