How to Write an Article Review

How to Write an Article Review

Different authors write articles in many ways, and a good way to understand what they write about is through an item review. In this case, a person summarizes and evaluates an author’s work, which also essay help to introduce the readers to work done by other writing experts.  However, a review is unlike a literary analysis that allows a writer to give an individualized point of view but rather provides an accurate summation of an article’s main argument. Regarding that, an article review serves the purpose of summarizing the main points of an author without adding any unrelated information. If you want to hire an experts to get help with article review, just say to us "write essay for me" and we will help you.

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Article Review Topics

The topics for discussion range depending on the assignment at hand. In most cases, the articles that attract more attention involves those that covers interesting topics or a subject matter related to what students learn in school. Examples include issues like improved school performance, youth’s position in creating job opportunities, and controversial stances like same-sex marriages. Furthermore, reviews seek reader’s attention on matters pertaining poverty, religion, and education. The theme may be broad or confined into a very particular area but what is important is logical reasoning and evaluation of the author’s primary argument. It is also elemental to highlight the implications of the author’s argument to related research (Read more on research paper).

Article Review Summary

Knowing how to write a review is an important factor when making a summary. The first consideration is the need to understand what reviewing means. For instance, it is a kind of writing that is different from an analysis and doesn’t target a general audience. Most importantly, one should keep in mind that, the audience for reviews is people who already have some knowledge about the subject matter and are looking for the reader’s response. In like manner, one needs to evaluate the ideas within an article and relate it to the existing theories. Furthermore, it is crucial to base any critique on proof, informed choice, and sound judgment.

On a related note, reviews do not contain any additional research. Even if backing up of any critique requires proof, the only allowed viewpoints are ideas that respond to the author’s position. Another primary consideration when writing is in the organization. It is recommended to understand the structure of one’s review even before starting to read the article under evaluation. For a perfect format, it is important to summarize the article as one reads it while focusing on the author’s main arguments. On the same case, it makes sense to build the claims by looking at the positive aspects and identify research gaps if there is any.

Article Review Format

The format of an article review also follows the recommendation of standard papers although the content varies. It is important to have an introduction that highlights on the article’s title, author’s name, as well as the main argument. The length of the body depends on the size of the material as well as the content. However, it is important to structure the body in writer’s claim, positive aspects and similar observations, and have a third part that identifies gaps or research inconsistencies. Nevertheless, if one contradicts the information contained, there must be enough proof before making a contradicting claim.

In summary, an article review is in a way different from other forms of writing as it confines the reader to just evaluating the original text. It is not the writing that is open to all audience, but its target readers are scholars with an idea about a written document and only require evaluation and a summary. On the same case, it is critical to mind about its organization and has a structure in place as the reader goes through it. Above all, the best way to write it is to note the most important points and discuss them positively before noting the gaps if any. All in all, the reader should avoid giving information external to the document of concern, and a clear thesis statement is also essential to guide the person reading it.

What You Need to Know About Article Review

Article Review Template

  • Introduction
  • Highlights on the article’s title, author’s name, as well as the main argument
  • Body
  • Analyzes writer’s claim
  • No external information is added
  • Conclusion
  • Restates the author’s argument

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