Continental Math League: How To Prepare And Score Well

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Continental Mathematics League is a set of leagues and contests for students. The core focus of these events is math and its different divisions, such as calculus and computer science.
First introduced in 1980, the league was conceived as a valuable supplement to the existing school curriculum. The main goal of it is to help boost students’ problem solving and other math-related skills.

The math league is open to students from 2-9 grades. Anyone can participate. And, if you are willing to test yourself, in this article, we are going to tell you more about this league and how to prepare for it. Yet, beware that it may easily interfere with your current studies. So, better have some Plan B like essay service online at hand. Now you are ready to know more!

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What Is The Continental Math League?

The contests take place throughout an entire academic year. It is designed for school students from all grades.

There are several ways to participate in CML math. First of all, there is a team participation option designed specifically for bringing an entire class or school to the contest. For this option, schools and teachers should suggest their students fill in applications before the given deadline.

Also, there is a Home School option for students interested to participate individually. This option is also suitable for students schooled at home.

During the scheduled meets, students take tests that match their grade levels. Tests vary by the length of the session (30-40), the number of questions (6-8), and divisions. At the end of the contest, students receive their scores based on how well they’ve done on tests. 

Based on the Math League results, students are honored with awards that include certificates, medals, as well as National and Regional awards for individual and team achievements. Engaging in activities like these not only fosters academic growth but also promotes teamwork and critical thinking skills, showcasing why homework is good for students in reinforcing concepts learned in class.

Who Can Participate In This Math League?

The Math League competition is open to pretty much all school students willing to participate. There are special programs designed for students from 2nd through 9th grades.

The program for 2nd-3rd grades is easier and less intensive. It only consists of 3 meets (30 minutes per each) and covers 6 questions during each.

Then, there are the Pythagorean or Euclidean Division. These divisions are meant for schoolers from 4th to 9th grades. There are five meets, each 40 minutes long, that cover 6 CML questions grades 4 6 (and all way through 9) per session.

Also, there is a Calculus League with advanced placement. It features 4 intensive meets that are 40 minutes long and cover eight questions.

Finally, there is a Computer Science division designed for grades 3-5. This program consists of 3 30-min meets that cover 6 questions each.

How To Prepare For The Continental Mathematics League?

Getting ready for the Continental Math League is not hard when you know what exactly to do. Here are a few tips that will help you get ready and nail the test:

How To Prepare For The Continental Mathematics League?

The organizers of the contest suggest participants to use their CML Math Books to prepare for tests. These books can be purchased through the official website. 

There are books for different grade levels, and each of them covers a range of questions that might be a part of your test. So, it is a great source to prepare for the contest.

Finally, the last thing every participant should do during the preparation stage is to practice as much as possible. On the Continental Math League website, there are sample tests designed for different grade levels and divisions. Students can download them to get ready for the contest.

CML Math Questions

So, what questions can be covered in the CML math test? As was mentioned earlier, the CML math questions vary depending on the grade level and the chosen division. To get a better idea of what questions you can get during your test, it is recommended to purchase Continental Math League books ($35 each) or download sample tests for your grade (this is free of charge).

However, to give you an idea of what you should be preparing for, let’s take a look at a few common questions for different grades.

CML questions grades 2-3:

How much larger is (7+6+3) than (21+3-14)?

Steve and Juwan were playing handball. Steve won 5 games and Juwan won 6 more games than Steve. If there were 4 tie games, how many games of handball did they play?

CML questions grades 4 6:

4 x (3 + 4) - 5(3 - 1) = 

Tom is 8 years older than Kenny. Kenny is 2 years older than Mary. Mary is 7 years older than Barbara. If Barbara is 16 years old, then Tom is _____ years older than Barbara.

CML questions grades 7+:

Sarah took a history test and her grade for the test was exactly 75%. on the 1st 25 questions, she answered 80% correctly. On the remaining questions, she had 7 wrong answers and ____ correct answers.

Numbers are said to be relatively prime if 1 is their only common factor. For example, 4 and 9 are relatively prime numbers. Two numbers both relatively prime to 36 are ________.

Continental Math League Problems

Getting ready for the Math League contest, students can encounter a variety of challenges. First of all, the CML books cover a range of years. For example, the latest edition is for 2016-2020. 

This basically means that the range of the Continental Math League practice problems contained in them is pretty broad. The only way to overcome this is to get to terms with it and do your best to prepare for a wide range of questions you may face during the test,

Also, it is worth noting that CML math problems are often tied up to students’ logical thinking and problem-solving ability. Thus, in order to do well during the contest, each participant should hone on those skills.

Finally, it is worth saying that the best way to prepare is to practice with Continental Math League sample problems available on the website. Of course, you will not face the same questions during the test. But, at least, you will get a sense of what types of questions there are.

National Current Events League (NCEL) & National Science League (NSL)

Apart from the Continental Math League, students from grades 2-9 can also participate in the National Current Events League or National Science League. These are also contests similar to the CML. The contests work the same way. The only difference is the core focus (theme) of the tests.

What to prepare for if you participate in the Science League? Basically, this test covers a range of sciences such as physical science, life science, biology, earth science, physics, and chemistry. All tests are also divided by grade levels and divisions. The length and complexity of each NSL test vary. 

And, just like it is in the case with CML, there are NSL books and sample tests available on the website that help students get ready for the contest.

As for the NCEL contests, the tests consist of multiple-choice questions. This league covers a wide range of questions that are selected from the following areas:

  • Science & health;
  • General news;
  • Sports;
  • Finance and business;
  • Arts & entertainment.

Once again, there are books and sample tests to prepare for the contest.


The Continental Math League is a fun and exciting way for students to hone their math skills, expand their knowledge, and measure progress. The contests are available for everyone willing to participate and are structured individually for different grade levels.

Participating in such kind of events, students receive awards for their achievements, which is a great motivation.

Preparing for the league is not completely effortless. However, it shouldn’t be too stressful or hard when you know what to do. Based on everything that has been said, the two keys to success are dedication and practice. 

There are lots of materials that can be used to get ready for the test. Follow the tips from our article and you will secure success! Follow the tips from our article and you will secure success!

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