Climate Change Essay: Writing Guide

climate change

Climate change is a problem that has been discussed for a recent decade. Recently, we have witnessed tragic consequences of pollution and the uncontrollable exploitation of resources. That’s why students are often requested to write essays on the topic.

Whether you use essay writer services or not, here are a few things you should know about climate change essay and how to write a great one.

What Is Climate Change?

First of all, if one needs to complete an essay on climate change, they should know what they will write about. Climate change is a global problem that leads to devastating natural calamities and often forces millions of people to relocate. Climate change is often associated with global warming. Yet, it is only one of many aspects that this phenomenon includes.

Climate change can make entire territories or settlements absolutely unbearable to live in. At the same time, it may have a negative effect on natural processes that will indirectly affect everyone on this planet.

Only if you realize the seriousness of the issue, can you come up with a thorough essay. If you're considering writing papers for money, this topic offers a rich field for exploration and impactful discourse.

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Why Ocean Observations Panel for Climate is Important for Climate Change Research?

OOPC, which stands for the Ocean Observations Panel for Climate, is a group tasked with developing suggestions on the correct functioning of a sustained global ocean observing system for climate that consists of respected experts. They are required to apply their scientific knowledge to supervise the phased implementation of this system and ensure benefits for its sponsors.

OOPC is also involved in the evaluation and evolution of the system, developing strategies and recommendations on how it should be used to support the interested parties in achieving their goals. This panel is known for its liaison and advocacy functions as related to the agreed observing plans.

OOPC’s findings and conclusions are critical for climate change research since they are the most comprehensive source of data. Essay writing companies often use OOPC’s public reports to write compelling essays on the topic.

Climate Change Essay Topics

Climate change topics for essay are easy to find on the internet. However, not all of them would be a great fit for you. You need to approach topic selection carefully. This is needed to make sure that you cover causes and effects and share this knowledge with others. 

You should start by defining what aspects you find especially interesting. For example, you can select global warming, detrimental anthropologic activity, or ozone layer destruction as the most interesting domains for you.

Then, you should come up with a plan for what you are going to cover in your essay. For example, you can create a climate change solutions essay, an effect of climate change essay, or write a causes of climate change essay. This will affect how your essay topic should be worded.

Here are a few topics that you may find useful for inspiration:

  • What will happen if we do nothing to stop climate change?
  • Climate change and international migration: causal effect
  • How are our daily lives and routines affected by climate change?
  • Are global warming and deforestation connected?
  • What can I do to prevent climate change?
  • Why is ice melting so dangerous?
  • When will humanity reach the point of no return if we continue uncontrollable consumption?
  • How did climate change affect the lives on the continents?
  • Who is responsible for climate change?
  • Are governments effective in mitigating the risks of problems to be caused by climate change?

Climate Change Essay Outline

The best climate change essay examples have a structure typical to any other academic essay. This is explained by the fact that regardless of the topic, a good essay is a consistent essay. Consistency is often reached by having traditional essay components such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

A climate change essay introduction should be a hook that drives readers into reading. This is the first paragraph that helps everyone understand what will be discussed. This is also a place for a thesis statement.

The body of the essay consists of a few paragraphs with the main evidence and information. You should skillfully intertwine your thoughts with proof to sound academically correct. If you fail to reach clarity and logic in this part, the whole essay may be affected.

A climate change essay conclusion follows the body where the main ideas are discussed. It concludes the whole essay and leads readers to a certain point in reading.

Here is an example of an outline to a solution to climate change essay:

climate essay example

How to Write Essay on Climate Change?

If you are required to write an essay on climate changes, it’s useful to know a few tips and tricks to write a killing one.

Thesis Statement

If you don’t know how to start an essay on climate change, the best tip is to remember what hooked you into researching it. What was big enough to make you choose this topic? If you come down to it, you’ll definitely create a great thesis statement. 

Logic and Consistency

The logic of your essay depends on the ideas you try to cover in it. If it’s a climate change opinion essay, you are free to write your opinion. However, if this essay requires you to assess causes and solutions, you’d better research the topic and adhere to the standard essay structure in full.


Do not forget to bring your ideas to an end. Try not to raise new questions at the end of an essay. It should look complete and finalized to readers. All of the ideas that you bring about should be answered before you get to the conclusion.

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