How to Write a Thesis Statement: Types, Qualities

thesis statement

A thesis statement is an essential part of any academic essay. Whether you are conducting research or analyzing a certain issue, the thesis statement gives the vector for the whole essay.

In this article, we will explore useful tips on how to make a thesis statement, what types of thesis statements can be, and how to apply them accurately to your work. A good thesis statement conveys and reinterprets the main idea of the subject discussed. We will look closely at good and bad thesis statement examples to pinpoint the exact parameters of a decent thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Before jumping into hard terminology, we should define thesis statement meaning. A thesis statement is a roadmap of your essay; after reading the thesis statement, a reader should know what to expect from the rest of your writing. A thesis statement ties together the main idea and the argument of your essay. It shows your interpretation of a stated claim and may make a claim that others can dispute.

Answering the question of what is thesis statement, it is important to mention the types of thesis statements. There are two major categories for thesis statements - informative and persuasive. Each type of thesis statement shall match the type of essay you write.

For example, if you explain something or disclose a certain phenomenon, you should use an informative thesis statement (e.g., to make a sandwich, you should smear peanut butter over a piece of bread). As for the argumentative thesis statement definition, it must create a claim that can be disputed (e.g., peanut butter sandwiches are better than strawberry jam ones due to the taste and flavor).

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Among different variations of thesis statements, there are two distinct groups: poor and strong thesis statements. A good thesis statement has several qualities that make it. First of all, its length. There is no single rule of how long should a thesis be; it depends on the idea you try to convey. Usually, the thesis statement’s length varies from 30 to 40 words. In terms of the thesis statement format, it should be a single concise sentence with two clauses, usually independent (opinion) and dependent (reason).

thesis statement

The second quality of a good thesis statement is its position. A thesis statement should be placed at the beginning of an essay, usually within the last two sentences of an introduction.

Finally, if you convey an argumentative thesis, it must be strong. A strong thesis is not obvious and provides the idea that can be argued (e.g., peanut sandwich is fun to eat because it slides around). If you struggle to come up with a good thesis statement, you can use our thesis writing services.

Types of Thesis Statements

When you conduct a thesis paper, keep in mind different types of thesis statements. There are explanatory, argumentative, and analytical types of thesis statements.

thesis statement type

Explanatory Thesis Statement

Explanatory thesis statement falls into the informative category of thesis statements. It provides only factual information and does not express any personal opinions or persuasions. Among other examples of thesis statements, you may find that explanatory thesis statements are called expository. An explanatory thesis fits perfectly in an expository essay as well. For example: "A healthy lifestyle includes variable diet, adequate sleep schedule, and regular physical exercises."

Argumentative Thesis Statement

Another example of thesis statement is an argumentative one. It falls into the persuasive category and provides a controversial idea that must be supported by argumentation. Answering the question of how to do a thesis statement for an argumentative essay, you may start with a personal opinion on the subject discussed in the essay. It is not purely subjective discussion but argumentation of the claimed position that may be criticized and disputed. The body of the argumentative essay uses examples and pieces of evidence to support the personal opinion. Example of an argumentative thesis: Shakespear’s Macbeth explores justification of violence as a part of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Analytical Thesis Statement

An analytical thesis statement is a thesis sentence that breaks down the idea or an issue into different parts. It gives a reader a roadmap for the issue analysis in the analytical essay. An analytical thesis statement is a part of the informative thesis category. For example, the hit song “Missing You” is about the feeling of sadness after a loved one passes away.

Writing A Thesis Statement

Choose A Thesis

Writing a good thesis statement is a mix of art and useful techniques. A thesis statement should come after you have done your initial research on the subject and ready to outline your essay. In this case, a thesis statement will work as a guiding point to understand what sides of a subject to disclose and how to approach them.

There are different approaches to how to create a thesis statement. One of them is to create a working thesis. It is a draft of your thesis and a starting point for its improvement. A working thesis is not set in stone, so you may return to it and refine your thesis as many times as you need. When you use our paper writing service, you have a guarantee that the thesis statement will be decent and fit the topic.

An issue of “how to start a thesis statement may be a tough one. The best way to start a thesis statement is with a question. What do you want to find out about the subject you describe? For example, how did the invention of the printing press changed the social dynamics in Europe? Or how Shakespeare portraits love in Romeo and Juliet. These are good starting points for your thesis statement.

The answer to the question you asked would be your working thesis statement. To give working answers to the questions: the printing press invention speeded up common people’s education. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare portraits love as the powerful drive for human actions.

Finally, develop your answer further; explain why this is your answer and how you may convince your reader to agree with you. Turning our answers into essay thesis examples: Invention of the printing press in Europe speeded up the information circulation and contributed to the forming of Reformation ideas. Romeo and Juliet express love in extreme actions, showing that the feeling of human passion may serve as the strongest motivation.

Still, these methods may be useful and applicable, but to learn to conduct good thesis statements, you need to write thesis statements again and again.

Improve Your Thesis Statement

When you have written your working thesis, it is time to improve it. You may also try to use an easy solution and look for a sample thesis statement or apply for a dissertation writers, but these options will not always be available. Therefore, you need a clear understanding of what you are writing and what you are trying to express in your thesis.

A thesis statement outline may be a useful tool for your thesis statement improvement. You may try free writing and just come up with any ideas that you have concerning the subject. After two or three minutes of brainstorming, stop and take a side look at your writing. You may have a solid expression that ties closely to your thesis or just a clearer understanding of the working answer you conducted.

Keep in mind that different types of essays require different types of thesis statements. A thesis statement for research paper would differ from an argumentative thesis statement. A good thesis statement is not only one that is conducted accurately but the one that fits the essay type.

How To Write A Good Thesis Statement?

There was plenty of discussions of good thesis statements. However, what exactly makes a thesis statement good? And how to write a good thesis statement? There are three major criteria of what makes a good thesis statement:

  • Concise. A good thesis statement does not exceed one sentence in 40 to 50 words. The shorter you can express a complex thought in the thesis, the better.
  • Contentious. Your thesis statement should not be an obvious statement that everyone already knows. A good thesis statement shall indicate a new issue for further discussion, especially in an analytical essay.
  • Coherent. A good thesis statement may express several ideas of your topic, but they must contribute and expand each other. Everything you mention in your thesis must have a grounding in the essay body.

Difference Between Weak And Strong Thesis Statement

A strong thesis statement is a necessity for a good argumentative essay. Informative thesis statements are grounded on facts and supported by evidence. Argumentative, on the contrary, contains an author’s personal opinion on the subject and expresses their stance. To answer the question of how to write a strong thesis, you should consider the next criteria:

  • A strong thesis makes a stand. A thesis in an essay must not repeat the common knowledge or make an obvious claim. It shall provide an issue for the discussion and have the respective argumentation. A weak thesis: a herb tea for weight loss has positive and negative aspects. A strong thesis: tea for weight loss results in muscle and lean body mass decrease that may harm customers.
  • A strong thesis has a justification for the discussion. You shall support your stand with the argumentation. A weak thesis: “government shall invest more in the social sector.” A strong thesis statement example: “Government shall invest more into the social sector to prevent crimes instead of developing more restrictive policies.”
  • A strong thesis statement expresses one main idea. Different ideas may support one claim, but the thesis statement must focus only on one specific topic. A weak thesis: "The Internet is a great place for advertisement, but most domains have poor security protocols." Strong thesis: "Users shall be conscious about protecting their personal data while they monitor online markets."
  • A strong thesis statement is coherent. A good thesis statement provides a clear image of what exactly will be discussed in the essay. A weak thesis example: “Brile was an important inventor of the 19th century.” A strong thesis: “The invention of Brile transformed the lives of blind people in the 19th century, but its acceptance was dictated by the debates over the blind people’s role in society.”

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