Writing A Nursing Essay Has Never Been So Easy

nursing essay

If you study or work in the medical sphere, you must be familiar with nursing essays. If not, this article has answers to all your questions. 

Below, you will find out about the main features of this type of paper and understand how it differs from regular essays. To simplify your work in all possible ways, we have prepared a nursing essay example. Feel free to explore interesting topics and use them as a template to ease your writing process. 

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What Is A Nursing Essay?

At first, this word combination may sound weird to you. Do nurses and people engaged in the sphere of medicine write articles? And if yes, why would they need to do that?

Nursing essays are articles on topics related to medicine and nursing. Such papers are created for several reasons: applying to a nursing school, boosting knowledge, and climbing a career ladder. Nursing essay writing requires excellent skills in medicine and the ability to create engaging and well-composed texts. 

Of course, such types of essays are directed to a narrow audience with the necessary background information to understand the context. The texts are published in medical magazines and used at health conferences.

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Nursing Essay Outline

An outline is a must for every kind of paper. It helps make the essay concise and clear in content, proper in formatting, and dignified in style.

A typical article consists of an introductory part, body paragraphs with each representing a new idea, and a conclusion. This structure is the simplest though the most practical one. It helps eliminate the chaotic scattering of ideas throughout the text.

How To Write A Nursing Essay?

Even though you may think that a nursing essay is something similar to other essays you used to write as a student, that is not true. While the nursing essay outline, form, and structure are almost always the same as in regular essays, the language and wording are a completely different story.

It requires not only deep knowledge but also paying attention to detail, carrying out extensive research, choosing proper citations, and conveying an accurate message. 

When writing a paper, you must understand that its main objective is not to entertain the audience. It does not deal with glossy magazines or fiction books. Choose the language that best suits academic and scientific styles. A nursing essay writer is a seasoned professional, not a science fiction writer or a Facebook blogger.

Of course, a boring academic paper, full of cliches and terms, is not an option either. Instead of blinding the readers with science, apply simple language that would help you get across. Irony and jokes can also be acceptable if you do not overload the essay with these tools.

Topic Choice

Sometimes, this part may seem to be the most difficult. First, think about your areas of interest so that you don’t drown in the diversity of possible nursing essays. Second, assess your target audience. Finally, remember that if you want to get the message across, the topic and the audience must be a perfect match.

Draft Preparation

The first part of any writing activity is gathering information. Find some relevant sources and make sure to read them carefully. Then, sort out the data into blocks and compile the ideas you want to dwell on.

Writing The Introduction

The problem is, you never know what information to give in this part unless you start working on your topic. Thus, it is recommended to skip the introductory part only to return to it in the end. 

A writer must conduct the research carefully, provide the readers with the necessary information, and only then announce the article’s main idea.

Writing The Main Body

Having come up with the main ideas, create a plan and use it as an instrument for "building" your text from the basics. Nursing essays usually consist of 2-5 paragraphs, each of which can also be divided into subparagraphs. Still, note that it is better not to overload every section with excessive information.

Wrapping It Up

This part is almost always the easiest - just summarize the points you mentioned above and try to connect them. Moreover, you can provide the readers with food for thought, such as additional hypotheses and ideas for further research. 

Hint: the best way to compose a conclusion is by looking at your nursing essay outline. It would also be great to analyze several nursing essay examples to identify effective endings.

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7 Nursing Essay Topics

As mentioned above, choosing relevant topics for nursing essays might be a real challenge. Thus, reading a nursing essay example is a helpful strategy to get inspired. Below, you will find some topics that you can develop further.

  • What difficulties do nurses face in developing countries?
  • How to improve productivity in a hospital?
  • The role of a nurse in old people’s homes.
  • Comparison of requirements for nurses in different world countries.
  • What does one need to know to become a nurse?
  • COVID-19 experience for nurses worldwide.
  • Standard procedures for nursing: theories and rules.

Hopefully, these topics can inspire you to conduct research and come up with new conclusions.

Nursing Essay Example

A nursing essay example is the best option for you as a novice in writing. Here is one of them:

Topic: The role of the nurse in old people’s homes.

When caring for the elderly, much attention is paid to the choice of doctors who treat and monitor their health. Still, in reality, nurses play no less important role. It is the qualification of nurses that determines the quality of life of guests in an old people’s home.

In every medical institution, a nurse is the right hand of a doctor. Even though nurses do not have the right to make decisions about the treatment, they control all the related processes. Dispensing pills, injections, and rinsing - all of it falls on their shoulders. In addition, a nurse is also responsible for hygiene because it determines the physical and psychological condition of the elderly.

Thus, the nurse’s role in every kind of medical institution cannot be overestimated. They perform functions that directly influence the quality of patients’ lives.

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The RWJF Executive Nurse Fellows As A Nurse Essay Topics Example

Usually, the essay topic is provided to you. However, sometimes you get a chance to pick something to your liking. Try to pick a topic that you’re either already knowledgeable about or interested in enough to do thorough research on it. And if you are suddenly completely stumped as to what topic to choose for your freeform essay - here’s what you can write about. A look at one of the most prominent modern healthcare initiatives makes for a great essay topic.

One of the most recent and interesting opportunities for students interested in pursuing an education in the nursing field is offered by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellowship program. It is one of the many initiatives launched to combat numerous issues the health and health care field faces today.

In this particular case, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation offers an opportunity for future nursing fellows to hone the knowledge and skills they need to become highly proficient and sought-after experts. Robert Wood Johnson scholarships take 3 years to complete. It aims to train a capable executive nurse leader out of anyone that enters it.

A Robert Wood Johnson scholarship is a tool that not only helps individuals to get on track with their chosen career. It is also a way to fill in important gaps in staffing all across the country. Nurse leadership is a field that should never be taken lightly.

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. Even one person in the right position with the right set of skills can easily turn around the healthcare experience for hundreds of people. And in the long term, it will ideally become a complete game-changer for the industry as a whole.

On the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll have to wait a generation or even more to be able to feel the difference. The efforts of the RWJF initiatives can be felt even in the short-term perspective. The nurse fellows program is certainly no exception.

RWJF Nursing Initiatives & Programs

Even though the Robert Wood Johnson fellowship program is one of the best topics to write a nursing essay about, it is certainly not the only suitable one. The Robert Johnson Foundation has every initiative on the future of nursing imaginable. That includes PR campaigns, increasing the prestige of the nursing profession globally and locally, attracting investors, creating new jobs and specialists to fill them, etc.

If you pick one of these initiatives from the Foundation Johnson and Johnson nursing campaign as a basis for your essay, you can use this opportunity to research your possible future career paths. Even if it’s not directly related to your assignment you might find that there are a lot of interesting options you might be able to pursue if you are looking to get employed in the nursing field.


If you haven’t known anything about nursing essays before, don’t worry. Hopefully, this article has broadened your horizons, and you are a bit engaged in the medical sphere now. 

Medical and health topics are of fundamental importance, so check your papers carefully before pressing the "send" button or publishing for a wide audience.

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