How to Choose Essay Topic: Types, Tips

essay topic

Starting from as early as middle school we, as pupils, are introduced to the notion of paper writing in some form or another. Nonetheless, since this is a huge part of academia the best thing one can do is try to make it fun. Another way is to come to us with a "write me an essay" request to our essay writing service. This guide is tailored to help you find the most interesting essay topics that best fit you in any scenario. Throughout this piece, we will examine the best ways to approach various traditional assignment types as well as how to develop these efficiently. It is understandable that in some classes the list of possible topics will be given out by the lecturer, but even so one can use this article for inspiration. In either case, the starting point is determining what the purpose of the work itself is.

Understand The End Goal Of The Assignment

To put it quite bluntly what this means is knowing what reaction this paper is supposed to get from its reader. Therefore, it is essential that the writer identifies the desired style for the required article. Start by finding out whether it has to be a Fictional, Nonfictional or Creative Nonfiction writing piece. The importance of its category at this early stage is that it will significantly impact the planning phase regarding the choice of resources as well as one’s stylistic expression. It is important to note that generally, you will not be asked to write Creative Nonfiction unless it is for a particular creative arts class. Being aware of these things will make a significant difference in finding easy essay topics.

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What’s the difference in writing Fictional or Nonfictional papers?

Fictional work is more for those who enjoy the art of storytelling and want to put these stories down on paper. Keep in mind that this means your stories don’t always have to be true, even if there are real life components in them such as the time setting or location. Choosing to adopt this style means it is time to familiarize one’s self with the sub-genres of fiction that go as follows:

  • Thriller
  • Mystery and Crime
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi [Science Fiction and Fantasy]
  • Historical Fiction

Nonfiction, on the other hand, looks solely at examining or debating concrete facts. All forms of academic writing are labeled as nonfiction due to their nature and vary only when instructed by the class lecturer. This style encourages the selection of significant historical events as the focal point whether it is in our modern era or not. The areas that one can choose to dive into range from:

  • Science
  • History
  • Politics
  • Historical Figures [Famous people, regardless of what field and era]
  • Social Theories
  • Current Events [Brexit is quite popular currently]
  • Philosophical Theories and Ideas

Essential Steps When Developing Your Topic

There are countless guides available on the internet concerning the elements that should always be taken into consideration when debating topics for an academic assignment. Nonetheless, a lot of these guides tend to get over complicated and end up confusing you instead of helping. So, in that light, we have found that there is a group of core principles that apply to all types of interesting and easy essay topics. We hope the following steps will develop your organizational skills as well as help save you some time while doing homework:

  • Think of what interests you, ideally something you already have knowledge of
  • Brainstorm about it (can be applied when thinking about the topic itself, as well as the process of how this will happen)
  • Research the options that stand out to you and see how feasible they are
  • Identify your audience (this determines the necessary technical vocabulary, depth of the explanations, annotations, etc.)
  • Narrow down the topic, so it matches the requirements as well as remains understandable to those who will read it
  • Think of an interesting way to engage your audience and present the issue to them
  • Always review your work to see if it is achieving its purpose

How To Find Easy Essay Topics For College Students And High School Students

When comparing the material, we are working with in high school and college it is noticeable that we are given a larger degree of freedom in college to choose the interesting essay topics that we like. It is also important to note that in most advanced educational institutions the students are never limited concerning thematic options and are allowed to propose their topics. This concept also applies to one’s sources as long as the data being presented is deemed as correct relevant information. However, we are given a taste of this freedom in our senior year of high school through various persuasive and argumentative topics that are designed to develop our creative and logical thinking. These assignment types will either present you with the possible issues or require you to brainstorm as to figure out what would fit you best. Unfortunately, like it or not brainstorming will be a large component of anyone's academic career.

Nonetheless, despite the practice, one gets throughout their high school experience we believe the most significant trial for most academics transitioning into college or university is the college application essay. The reason for this is that it is often quite difficult to describe oneself in approximately 500 words, without feeling a sense of pressure and doubt regarding the subject matter of the piece. What our data has shown us is that one of the best ways to tackle such challenges is by staying in the loop of things. If you are interested in a particular field, try to stay updated on the current events in that area. This shows the readers that you are genuinely curious about this sphere and make your arguments carry across the intended message. Avoid taking boring easy essay topics that do not interest you, believe it or not, the examiner can tell. Remember, that most people working in the educational system always have a lot of papers to grade or applications to read, meaning that yours should stand out from the others. For example, let us say that you are thinking about applying for a fashion or a business major at a prestigious institution. In this case, you should present your inspirational sources as being the articles debated in Vogue or The Financial Times.

Most Popular Assignment Types

Having established what style will be used in the essay, generally being nonfiction for college work, now it is time to explore various possible essay types as well as the most trending topics. The list below is not made in order of importance or appearance, but it is symbolic of the most encountered types in academia and it goes as follows:

How To Tackle Argumentative Essay Topics

As far as argumentative essay go it is pretty self-explanatory that the student will be required to make some form of argument either pro or con to a concept. The goal is to prove a theory or opinion based on facts and research. This is not to be confused with a persuasive essay, despite their striking similarities. What sets them apart from one another is that in an argumentative piece you are making a stand for your opinion on the topic instead of attempting to persuade the audience to adopt your opinion on it.

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Popular Argumentative Essay Subjects: Abortion, Gun Control, Immigration, Social Media, Legalizing Weed, Animal Testing, Standardized Testing, Technology, Bullying, Cell Phones in School.

How To Approach Persuasive Essay Topics

When brainstorming what ideas could form interesting persuasive essay topics one must always keep reminding themselves that the end goal of such pieces is to persuade the audience into accepting your point of view. It is important not to be repetitive as well as always providing a well-structured rationale, that is backed up by sources, to begin swaying the reader's mindset on the matter. Nonetheless, the best advice no matter what area you choose to dive into is knowing the intended audience, thus letting us know how to maintain their interest and eventually win them over to our side of the fence.

Popular Persuasive Subjects: Abortion, Gun Control, School Uniforms, Smoking, Gay Marriage, Death Penalty, Police Brutality, Racism, Drugs, Homeschooling.

How To Explore Cause And Effect Essay Topics

Before exploring any cause and effect essay topics the author must understand the various elements that will be required in the analysis. Essentially the end goal of any topic you choose will be to evidentiate why certain situations or events take place. This means your chosen topic must highlight the background causes and consequences of this particular moment. Thus, it is always best to look for a topic that is controversial and can provide sufficient material to cover these key elements.

Popular Cause And Effect Essay Themes: Divorce, Stress, Obesity, Pollution, Sleep Deprivation, Anorexia, Dropping Out Of Highschool, Child Abuse, Peer Pressure, Teenage Depression.

How To Engage All Expository Essay Topics

No matter how your interests narrow down your expository essay topics choices, the key element remains not wandering off topic. That means a clear and well-defined thesis statement is required in order to provide vision to you as the writer and the intended audience. Make use of concise evidence to support the thesis statement and look to intertwine these examples in the relevant segments throughout the piece. Students tend to struggle by over-stating their point at times as it is quite easy to go off topic when presenting something you know a lot about.

Popular Expository Essay Subject Matter: Music, How To Ride A Bike, How To Make A Pizza, Drug Abuse, Domestic Violence, Teenage Pregnancy, Love, Freedom, Advantages Of The Internet, Why Students Fail Examinations.

How To Explore Analytical Essay Topics

Such assignments require the student to perform an analysis of the text followed by a personal response that should show a deeper understanding of the task at hand. Therefore, when going through various analytical essay topics, it is crucial to maintaining a critical outlook on all the information about it. Let us say that one of the sources fails to convince you, in the personal response section let us know why that happened by showing us the evidence. That is one of the best ways to explore the relationship between the selected text and your argument about it.

Popular Analytical Essay Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Hunger Games, Macbeth, The Storm By Kate Chopin, Forest Gump, Donnie Darko, Any book or movie that you enjoy.

How To Start Any Personal Essay Topics

Quite often in this scenario, the problem itself might not be finding the subject or event you would like to write about, but getting started. Nevertheless, we all encounter some difficulties when putting our personal essay topics ideas on paper as it's not exactly comfortable to open up to complete strangers about one's inner thoughts. Simply put the only way to overcome it is just to do it and try to make it entertaining for the reader as well as for yourself.

Popular Personal Essay Topics: Importance of Family, Sports, Overcoming Your Fears, Past Failures, If You Could Invent Something What Would It Be, The Meaning Of Color, Your Secret Talent, If You Could Live Anywhere Where Would It Be And Why, The Impact You Think Money Has On Life, A Difficult Choice You Had To Make.

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