How To Choose Best Essay Topics 2022? 100+ Ideas

From a young age, people dive into an academic writing journey. Certainly, it would be perfect for middle school and college students to have writing assistance for argumentative essay topics or other papers. Check out this interesting article that is as useful as a school lesson. It contains wonderful topic ideas to help you fight writer’s block!

How To Pick Great Essay Topics In 2022?

University and high-school students often wonder what an interesting topic idea is. Luckily for them, the modern world offers multiple sources of inspiration, like these:

  • News sources
  • Social media platforms
  • Class discussions
  • Movies and books, etc.

Our expert essay writers from essay service recommend picking interesting wording for a matchless argumentative essay or other research paper. So what are the interesting essay topics for college students, then? Indeed, the subject of academic writing should be thrilling in the best way possible. In other words, the readers would highly appreciate something uncommon but still fitting for educational system requirements.

How To Find An Interesting Essay Topic For College Students In 2022?

Looking for essay topic ideas can be both fun and tricky. Why is that so? Many tips sometimes contradict each other. For instance, some people say that the best topics for an essay include personal experience in own words. Meanwhile, others think that the best topics to write about for college essay should be argumentative essay topics.

In reality, the truth is somewhere in the middle. You may always consider personal preferences and the trendiness of the subject. Professors usually require a specific type of paper, like these:

  • descriptive essay;
  • contrast essay;
  • cause and effect essay;
  • definition essay;
  • narrative essay;
  • research essay;
  • argumentative essay and so on.

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Thus, middle school students and college students have to pick a relevant topic to write a winning essay. Next, consider the needed length of the work when choosing the theme. For a short paper, come up with a less complicated topic, and vice versa. If you want to discuss global warming or gender equality, do it, but consider the requirements. You can pay for essay writing to finish the work in time!

What Is A Good Essay Topic? 

College and school students often want to find a universal recipe for essay writing persuasive, narrative, argumentative essay topics or causal analysis essay topics. However, in real life, there is something more than strict rules for essay title ideas. Here are some generalized features of a research paper topic:


As mentioned before, an interesting topic captures a reader's attention. Hence, try to cover subjects that are topical for modern society. Even the simplest essay topics for college can have an unexpected twist that changes the game.


Some students take a risk and come up with a controversial essay topic. In their works, people question common beliefs while suggesting an unpopular point of view. For instance, write argumentative essay topics on the positive effects of global warming or droughts to intrigue the readers.


To affect people more, experts recommend expressing shocking thoughts. Also, mixing two or more subjects for one essay strengthens the surprise effect. As an illustration, combine health topics and cultural differences for an argumentative essay.


If you want to level up your research essay, argumentative paper, or another kind of work, be creative. Sometimes, professors assign seemingly boring topics for college students, and their task is to make their essays stand out. Look at things from a different perspective to improve your essay writing skills.

Backed By Trustworthy Sources

Whether you are choosing a narrative essay or a research essay topic, having enough info on them is essential. The piece is incomplete without evidence to back up the statements. Still, students can refer to situations from personal life in their works.

Evoking Some Feelings

You could have heard of persuasive writing as a way to affect readers. Although, there are other methods like opening up about your emotions in a writing form. A funny story or touching fact makes the personal or argumentative essay unique and memorable.

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Tips For Creating Your Perfect Topic

To help you out, we collected tips for creating the best topics for essay (read more about how to choose a topic for an essay):

Consider The Requirements

Undeniably, essay titles would differ depending on the deadline. If you have too little time, better gravitate towards less complicated subjects. On the other hand, you get more creative freedom with lengthy annual papers. Moreover, take into account the type of paper. Sometimes, argumentative essay topics take more time than personal essays.

Start Brainstorming

Do you look at a blank paper and have zero ideas about essay topics for college? Then, let go of the tension by writing down everything that comes to mind. At this point, avoid criticizing any of your ideas.

Draw And Write

Who said that writing essay titles is exclusively about text? Take a piece of paper and colorful pens to draw your descriptive or argumentative essay scheme! Illustrate connections and add new ideas to create a perfect essay title.

Descriptive Essay Topics

Granted that your educational institution asks you to write a descriptive essay, here are several college essay ideas:

  1. My dream professional career
  2. Describe your family relationships
  3. Describe your perfect prom outfit
  4. How do I imagine my life twenty years from now?
  5. My favorite place for hangouts
  6. The movie that had the strongest impact on me
  7. My signature clothing style
  8. The day I felt like the happiest person on Earth
  9. My celebrity role model
  10. The event that changed my personality
  11. The color I find the most beautiful
  12. My daily habits for saving mental health
  13. How I socialize in my study group
  14. How I build personal boundaries in relationships
  15. How my eating habits changed since childhood
  16. My method of improving self-esteem
  17. Things that affect my well-being the most
  18. The most dangerous thing that has ever happened to me
  19. The time when I successfully employed my creative skills
  20. The biggest mistake of my life and how I fixed it

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Ideas For Compare And Contrast Essay Topics  

If you have to write a paper about comparing something, try the following compare and contrast essay ideas:

  1. Violent video games vs. sports: what helps to get rid of stress better?
  2. Comparing the effects of global warming to the effects of pollution on nature
  3. World war I vs. World war II: which had the bigger impact on global history?
  4. Argumentative essays and descriptive essays: which are more in-depth?
  5. Physical education lessons vs. gym training
  6. Modern society and Ancient Greek society
  7. Creative jobs vs. STEM jobs
  8. Sleep pattern and food habits: what impacts mental health more
  9. The efficiency of audiobooks and regular books in studying
  10. Comparison of studying in libraries and studying in college dorm rooms
  11.  Same-sex marriages or illegal immigrants: which evokes more public disputes?
  12. Comparing modern music to the 2000s hits
  13. Living in the countryside vs. staying in the noisy megapolis
  14. Having a small friend group vs. gaining multiple acquaintances
  15. Is networking more important at the workplace than professional skills?
  16. Human artists and artificial intelligence: who is going to win?

The Best Informative Essay Topics  

Are you looking for informative essay ideas? Choose from the following list:

  1. How much homework should colleges assign to students?
  2. The effect of financial aid on academic performance
  3. Getting a degree while having a mental illness: what to take into account
  4. The factors increasing the risk of Third World War
  5. Same-sex marriage faces numerous bureaucratic difficulties
  6. Human trafficking is one of the most lucrative businesses worldwide
  7. How has purchasing power changed in the last fifty years in the US?
  8. Online studying intensifies the social anxiety of students
  9. Unusual methods of finding friends in adulthood
  10. Female students should work harder for the same grade than male students
  11. Men become more lonely as relationship standards increase
  12. The methods of preventing harassment in educational institutions
  13. How can colleges stop students from dropping out?
  14. People abandon their hobbies due to time and financial limits
  15. How to find other sources of happiness than constant consumerism?
  16. Ways to lose weight and avoid getting an eating disorder

Photo Essay Topics

Let’s take a look at the best topics for essay about photos:

  1. Transformation of a girl who becomes a goth
  2. A river becomes more shallow with time due to climate change
  3. A woman’s face shows more wrinkles with time
  4. Conversion of an old wooden house into a modern cottage
  5. The lifespan of an apple from blossom to a ripe fruit
  6. The changes in the sky depend on the season
  7. A pair of new shoes worn down from constant use
  8. Students from various cultural backgrounds demonstrate their dorm rooms
  9. The generations of computers, from the first to the last
  10. The birthday gifts that kids receive in families with different income
  11. Body transformation after the person started doing yoga
  12. Comparison of students’ faces on the first and the last day of the school year
  13. The change of the local forest after it suffered from pollution
  14. A desert slowly takes the place of a green landscape
  15. Different faces of the sea: from calm teal waters to black northern depths
  16. The average work day of a nurse who helps during heart surgeries
  17. How someone’s outfits change depending on the time of the year

Engaging Cause And Effect Essay Topics 

Whenever you have to describe cause and effect, think of the following best topics for essay:

  1. The impact of Asian beauty standards on people in the US
  2. How does artificial intelligence affect the development of modern art?
  3. The advantages of increasing racial representation in modern movies
  4. The effect of a four-day work week on people’s well-being
  5. What is the reason behind the romanticization of poor living conditions?
  6. What makes students crave offline studying?
  7. Why are creative jobs becoming less widespread with time?
  8. The correlation between weather conditions and mood
  9. How does the overuse of antidepressants affect medical conditions?
  10. Causes of the ‘old money’ aesthetic growing extremely popular
  11. Why do modern employees have trouble differentiating work and leisure?
  12. The reasons behind poor communication between students and professors
  13. Dangers of the ‘hustle’ culture to people’s mental and physical health
  14. Why do our cities lose their personality and start looking identical?
  15. Do pastel colors have a positive effect on kids’ development?
  16. How do daily walks and exercises impact concentration ability?
  17. Possible outcomes of numerous plastic surgeries for health in future
  18. The correlation between parents’ occupation and their kids’ future career
  19. The effects of forced immigration on an individual’s psychological state

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Serious And Funny Argumentative Essay Topics 

Sometimes, college professors ask their students to write argumentative essays. But, finding interesting argumentative essay topics might be tricky. Luckily for you, we have a list of the best essay topics to write about:

  1. Should students get grades for attending classes or only for doing tasks?
  2. Should unpopular university degrees become free to attract more people?
  3. Are governments spending too much money on space programs?
  4. Is slavery a thing of the past, or it still exists in a new form?
  5. Is the feminist movement as effective as it could be?
  6. Do you think that food and housing should be free for all university students?
  7. Are there other purposes of a college degree, except for employment?
  8. Should our cities be more pedestrian-centric?
  9. Do you think that constant movie remakes signal a lack of creativity?
  10. How should modern education look to meet the labor market demands?
  11. Do clothing brands improve ecology using artificial materials instead of fur and leather?
  12. Do you think it is a good idea to lengthen the human lifespan?
  13. Do you believe that menstrual leave should be mandatory in all companies?
  14. Which expenses should a minimum wage cover?
  15. Who is more responsible for bad academic performance: parents or schools?

College Application Essay Topics  

If ideas for a proposal essay or argumentative essay topics fail to suit you, try other options. In case you want to apply for a higher educational institution, pick one of the following essay titles:

  1. Recent life-changing events that helped me grow as a person
  2. My experience and attempts to fight domestic abuse
  3. How I became the animal rights advocate in my hometown
  4. How my figure-skating journey from early childhood shaped me as a person
  5. The famous person who inspired me to apply for this degree
  6. The harshest situation in my life and how I managed to move on from it
  7. Qualities that I want to possess in future
  8. How my college degree can help me fulfill my life purpose
  9. Activity that inspires me the most
  10. My biggest life accomplishment by far

Ideas For A Personal Essay 

Do you have to turn in an essay about a personal story? Then, we suggest the best personal essay topics:

  1. The most sudden insight that changed your way of thinking
  2. Is there someone that annoys you?
  3. The time of your life when you felt the safest
  4. Have you ever lost and then regained belief in yourself?
  5. Who was your parental figure expect from your parents?
  6. The time when you hurt someone really bad
  7. Your secret childhood hideaway
  8. With whom do you want to spend the rest of your life?
  9. The unusual event that has no logical explanation
  10. When did you feel the most emotional pain?
  11. A memory that you would erase if you could
  12. A quality that is your competitive advantage
  13. How do you influence other people?
  14. The warmest moment that you will store in your memory forever
  15. The time when you felt indestructible
  16. Whom would you like to befriend and why?

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics     

For those students, who have deadlines on narrative essays, we present the next best essay topics to write about:

  1. Tell a story about the childhood friend that helped you go through a hardship
  2. Tell how you did something for the first time and still succeeded
  3. Tell how you failed to do something despite long preparations
  4. The event that taught you to seek help from others in critical situations
  5. Tell a story about how you got into trouble with a happy ending
  6. The time when you lost a friend because of a minor conflict
  7. When did you learn to enjoy spending time alone?
  8. The story that taught you to be more empathetic toward others
  9. The time when your first impression about someone turned out right
  10. A situation where you had to fight your worst phobia
  11. The time when somebody judged you by your appearance and was wrong
  12. The time when you spent the least money but felt the most joy
  13. Write about the journey that was different from your expectations

Cool Ideas For A Persuasive Essay 

Are you in the process of looking for good persuasive essay topics? Often, people need time to think of persuasive essay ideas. So, to save your time, we collected the best persuasive essay topics in one list:

  1. Should parents help their children with buying an apartment?
  2. Should plastic surgeons encourage their patients to do more surgeries?
  3. Is physical work enough to compensate for gym classes?
  4. Should people have pets if they leave them at home alone every day?
  5. What are the most practical school and college subjects?
  6. Should all books and movies have a love line?
  7. Is it healthy to avoid the sun at all costs?
  8. Does it have to be illegal to own a dangerous dog breed?
  9. Should educational institutions provide their students with laptops?
  10. Should governments legally restrict the amount of sugar in manufactured foods?
  11. What is the best way to quickly improve your reputation?


Overall, whether you need an essay writing help and want to hire a nursing essay writer or find funny argumentative essay topics, the Internet can help you. You can also learn to compose a perfect title for an essay online. Finally, many ready-to-use titles save time too! Fortunately, the world wide web quickly gives you access to everything from research essay topics to interesting argumentative essay topics. Read our essay hub reviews to check the quality of the assignments we deliver.

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