Samuel Gorbold is an accomplished professor with over 30 years of teaching experience. As a dedicated mentor and educator, he supports students on their path to academic success, providing expert assistance with assignments. 

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Samuel was an avid learner and an exceptional student. His childhood was marked by rapid urbanization, which sparked his interest in the nature of society. In 1987, Samuel enrolled in a prestigious university in Maryland, eventually obtaining a degree in English and Literature. Inspired by the ending of the Cold War, Samuel decided to specialize in Political Science instead, earning a doctorate degree in this field of study. In 1993, he started his teaching journey, which continues to this day. 

Now, a tenured professor in an elite college, Samuel continues to teach younger generations, helping them to navigate the difficulties of the academic world. He possesses a diverse range of academic interests, including: 

  • English and Literature
  • Public relations
  • Psychology
  • Social and political science
  • Communications and media
  • International law
  • American history
  • Management

On top of that, Samuel Gorbold is a dedicated academic with over a dozen published works, including two books on the influence of the Cold War on US media networks in the 1970s. 

In his spare time, Samuel writes for the EssayHub blog and provides expert academic support to struggling students. His partnership with our essay writing service allows this seasoned academic to share his knowledge and guide learners past the hurdles of obtaining a higher education degree. Being well-versed in various citation styles, Samuel also consults students on the intricacies of formatting. Through his blog and academic assistance, the professor strives to ignite a passion for learning in his readers. Feel free to peruse some of his latest publications here. 

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