Ryan Acton is a seasoned essay-writing professional who is passionate about all things history and sociology. Born in 1979 in the charming city of Burlington, Vermont, Ryan spent his childhood and early adolescence immersed in books and documentaries about ancient civilizations. His fascination with history and social studies was amplified when he kicked off his academic career in 1997 upon entering an elite university in California. Ten years later, he joined the said university as a postgraduate student, working his way toward becoming a professor.

In 2015, Ryan defended his doctoral thesis, obtaining a Ph.D. degree in Social Studies from a prestigious university in California. While his dissertation focuses on the interaction between the economy and culture of the United States in the twentieth century, Ryan is also the author of numerous publications on capitalism, business, higher education, political culture, meritocracy, class, and socioeconomic class. In 2016, Ryan wrote a book on the history of the Harvard Business School and its influence on the elite business culture. 

Currently, Ryan Acton holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Sociology department of a top-tier Massachusetts college. His academic interests encompass the economics of capitalism. online behavior, research methodologies, and social networks. An avid scientist and researcher, Ryan also takes an active part in studies organized by universities in the state of Massachusetts. Some of his key responsibilities included data collection from web sources, GIS-based modeling of large-scale networks, and even emergency coordination after Hurricane Katrina. 

In his free time, Ryan takes great pleasure in helping students navigate the academic world by partnering with our essay writing service. Through his writing, Ryan aims to ignite a passion for the intricacies of human nature in his readers. Browse some of the author’s latest publications below.

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