How to Write an Article Critique: Best Tips and Topics

How to Write an Article Critique

Excellent Tips on How to Write a Critique of an Article

Knowing how to critique an article is a universal skill for students. Experts from our essay writer service will give a general idea of writing an article critique. Thanks to the listed tips and the article critique example, everyone can learn to evaluate other people's works.

Tips on How to Write a Critique of an Article

Critiquing Papers Tip #1: Uncover the Author's Main Point

How to write a critique of an article if there is no such experience? Students should start writing an article critique with a thesis statement analysis. Answering the following questions is of great help:

Did the Author Formulate Their Thesis Statement Well?

In every high-quality critique paper, a student assesses the main idea. Luckily, our writing service teaches how to write an article review, a thesis statement, and other essential things. Firstly, a critical evaluation of the thesis statement should conclude whether it is clear enough. If an author's background includes multiple publications, their writing style reflects their expertise.

Did the Author Support Their Thesis Statement in the Paper?

Secondly, students should explain how the author supports their main idea throughout the article. Do the topic sentences focus on the thesis statement, and do all paragraphs discuss it? Such details give the overall impression of the paper. 

Critiquing Papers Tip #2: Study the Evidence

Any research article or journal article critique example always contains the analysis of the author's evidence, encourages them to focus on the following:

  • The number of sources;
  • The quality of sources.

So, there should be relevant research for background information from the author's side. If the writer studied statistical methods, previous literature, and existing key findings, it's a plus. Relevant literature and other evidence assure the general audience that the journal article or other paper is trustworthy. Hence, any research article critique example APA or MLA highlights the sources.

Critiquing Papers Tip #3: Evaluate the Author's Choice of Words

A critical review of an article example should focus on the author's wording. To write an article critique, a student has to understand the article's purpose. One of the main points of the article is to convey a message, like an opinion. For instance, scientific articles require formal language to deliver the author's ideas in the third person.

Conversely, a critical eye can notice too many complicated sentences or words during analysis. Although they often explain research methods or clarify a research process, moderation is key.

Critiquing Papers Tip #4: Examine How the Article Is Laid Out

Among the main points of any example of critique paper is to perform structural analysis. Some may wonder why it is essential to:

  • Critically read the layout;
  • Describe it;
  • Discuss it.

The truth is that a critical analysis of an article's plan helps to summarize its readability.

Usually, the author must start writing a research article or other paper with an introduction. They should also describe previous literature, key findings, research questions, and research methods in the beginning. Next, body paragraphs explain the main ideas on a subject more deeply. Eventually, the final part or conclusion exists to summarize the author's main points.

The mentioned contents can become the strong and weak points. Those who critique an article can find the structure illogical. Contrarily, it's better when the introduction, main body, and conclusion connect seamlessly.

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Critiquing Papers Tip #5: Consider the Article's Role in the Field

Any article critique sample should discuss the relevance of the author's key points and findings. Even though this opinion is subjective, a critical eye can distinguish the novelty of a subject. Giving a brief summary, the points of the article are:

  • To question the existing knowledge;
  • To introduce new evidence.

So, every author's argument must be strong enough to debunk other theories or prove the usefulness of his discoveries. Indeed, if experts critically read the key points, they might find overlaps with other works. Still, this is no reason to critique an article because many people discuss and write about the same topics. 

More important is how the written work can benefit future research or how its main points can solve current issues. Don't forget, that you can hire an essay writer on our website and solve your an academic writing issue.

Critiquing Papers Tip #6: Make Useful Suggestions

Critiquing papers is something more than giving a brief summary of their strong and weak sides. The key points of the article critique are as follows:

Research Article Critique or Any Other Criticism Is Constructive

No article critique format ends with a simple discussion of the author's mistakes. To critique an article, a person must learn to give constructive criticism, not only their opinion. So, the idea here is to write suggestions to improve future research. Anything from stylistic choices to advice on writing an argument can help!

Recommendations Should Fit the Paper Type

Another critical point of the recommendations part is to write only relevant suggestions. While writing jokes is valid in journal articles that study design, they won't work for a scientific article.

Sample Article Critique 

If you need a thorough analysis, sample article critique. The theory is good, but what is the point without practice? See the process from the introduction to the conclusion!

Article Critique of "Practice of Sustainable Fashion Design Considering Customer Emotions and Personal Tastes."

In the article "Practice of sustainable fashion design considering customer emotions and personal tastes," Kam S. and Yoo Y. examined the sustainable fashion practices that brands could implement to meet buyers' demands. In the introduction, the authors assumed that Korean clothing companies have a unique approach to becoming more environmentally safe and tried to explain and summarize the most popular strategies. Kam S. and Yoo Y. used the methods of case study analysis and interviewing throughout their study. In total, eleven brands took part in the research.

The research results demonstrated that Korean brands preferred using eco-friendly materials and sustainable fashion technologies to help the environment. They also valued the "emotional sustainability" (Kam S., Yoo Y., 2022) of clothes as much as physical sustainability. In their conclusion, the authors mentioned that designers should employ all the mentioned strategies. 

Kam S. and Yoo Y. asked enough questions in the interview. This way, the interviewees could fully elaborate on eco-friendly strategies in their companies. Moreover, in the case study part, the researchers gave the analysis results of numerous fashion magazines to highlight the leading global eco-friendly brands. Besides, thanks to the long list of used trustworthy sources, Kam and Yoo could prepare a top-tier theoretical base for the study.

However, some of the cited literature from the early 2000s appears to be outdated. The difference in comparison with the newest sources in the list is drastic. And in the constantly changing clothing industry, keeping up with trends is crucial. Moreover, the "green" movement is relatively new for fashion, so only the most recent studies fit for discussion.

Although the authors didn't mention it, their recommendations work for big brands since they were the object of research. Correspondingly, if small companies try to implement the same tactics, they have fewer chances to succeed. As an illustration, material sourcing and changing technology can be unattainable to them due to high costs.

Overall, the theme of the article is topical. It brings up the issue of pollution and rising CO2 levels. Since the fashion industry is partially responsible for environmental problems, brands must change their activity and overall approach to manufacturing. But, the authors should consider small local brand brands in further research and offer more inclusive solutions. 


Kam, S., & Yoo, Y. (2022). Practice of sustainable fashion design considering customer emotions and personal tastes. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 976471-976471.

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