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1) Place an order

Working with a tutoring service has never been so easy. Simply submit all the details of your course requirements and tell us what you are having difficulty with. In no time, our tutors will come up with practical solutions. Feel free to indicate whether this includes the use of their editing services in the order form.

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2) Choose a tutor

Choose from dozens of highly qualified professionals who can help you finish your essay on time. Regardless of difficulty or requirements, our tutors will bid on your order, however it is up to the two of you to decide on a schedule. The majority of our tutors have been working with us for over 5 years and have helped our customers overcome many tight deadlines.

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3) Discuss the assignment

The difference between EssayHub and most other tutoring services on the internet is simple. We have given you, the user, the chance to stay in touch with your tutor all throughout the process, thus, fully controlling what he or she may be doing. As soon as you place an order, you can get in contact with them through our 24/7 online chat.

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4) Beat the Deadline

After our tutor has finished editing the paper and provided sufficient feedback, all that’s left is releasing the agreed upon amount. This finalizes the ordering process allowing students to enjoy getting good grades knowing that EssayHub’s tutors are always here to back them up.

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The Hub’s Code of Conduct

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    Keeping It Simple

    One of our primary goals here at EssayHub is to make sure that when customers need some academic guidance, the process does not turn into a nerve-wracking experience. By having a simple and transparent ordering process, it is much easier to prevent any awkward situations that could occur. In off-chance of such an event, our friendly customer support team will step in and make correct the situation.

    EssayHub is continuously working on improving the website, we have put a lot of effort into making the entire experience as straightforward as possible. We allow our clients to include every single detail they want, up to the point where they can even send in previous samples of their work for discussion. Our tutors will thoroughly examine every single sentence, and explain how to avoid mistakes in the use of stylistic elements and language.

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    Preferred Tutors

    On top of having a very detailed order form we allow our clients to choose the tutor they would like to work with. With a team of editors, we are able to check every single task made by them, thus fully controlling every step of the process.

    Once the tutor has completed your order they will forward a request to finalize the contract. Before agreeing to that, you can re-read the final draft they have sent in to you, just to make sure you understand and agree with all the corrections. If everything met your expectations, then feel free to close the order and leave a review about us and our staff.

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    Quality over Quantity

    We here at EssayHub keep our pool of tutors composed exclusively out of professionals. Unlike most services out there, EssayHub hires tutors with valid academic accreditations. Customers can safely hire an academic assistant or use any of our online services, whether it is at a college or Master's level. We want you to understand that this tutoring service seeks to provide adequate quality tutoring.

    At the end of the day, our main goal is to make sure that our service did its job well and gave you a smooth learning experience.

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