The honor code

EssayHub firmly supports the integrity of academics and aims to uphold a strict quality standard.
Our Honor Code outlines the standards that our customers, freelancers, and business associates must adhere to use our services. We remain committed to the values of excellence and ethical behavior in order to protect the honor of academics.

EssayHub's honor code

EssayHub values academic honesty and integrity above all else. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of academic misconduct, cheating, fraudulent activities, or the attainment of unearned grades or degrees.

EssayHub freelancers will not take tests and quizzes for a student

The same goes for cheating, plagiarism, or engagement in any action or process that violates the students’ school, college, or university's academic policy. If an expert has knowingly facilitated cheating, we will immediately remove them from our platform.

We’re strongly against

Asking for or providing unapproved outside help with any academic assignment.
Stealing another person's work and passing it off as one’s own without the proper attribution.
Taking on another student’s identity for any purpose.


We do not support, nor do we facilitate any type of corporate dishonesty or violation of corporate policies. We will never assist users in committing fraud or taking part in any illegal activity. If proof is found that an expert has knowingly facilitated any type of illegal activity, they will be immediately removed from our platform.

Message to Students

EssayHub is empathetic towards the time constraints and pressures that studying in college can wield on a student. However, risking to violate your institution’s policy of academic integrity is not worth the effort.

Students cannot use the EssayHub platform to engage in any type of illegal activity or violate any institutional policies.

Students are not allowed to take any academic materials they’ve received from freelance writers and pass them off as their own.

Message to Students

EssayHub grants all users the opportunity to receive professional help with any written task done by an expert in your field. However, keep in mind that violating your own corporate policies is strongly discouraged on the EssayHub Platform.

Business representatives are prohibited from using the EssayHub platform for any kind of illegal activity. Business representatives are strictly prohibited from using freelancers to contribute to any type of fraudulent activity.

Message to Teachers & Schools

We know that you work tirelessly to maintain academic integrity within your study groups, classrooms, and institutions.

We support you in your quest to keep the academic notion honest, transparent, and beneficial.

As academics and members of various academic institutions, we encourage you to report any honor code violations.

Message to The Freelancers

EssayHub is a platform that grants you unique opportunities and lets you represent yourself as a writing professional to students, businesses, and universities. As a freelancer working on the EssayHub platform, you are obligated to uphold the following guidelines:

Freelancers are strictly prohibited from creating or contributing to circumstances that would, in any way, fail to respect/violate college or corporate policies.

List of prohibited task requests

Following is a list of requests that violate the rules of our platform (please note that this list is not fully comprehensive and should be used as a guide).

The creation of fake financial reports.
Making CVs with fake job experience.
Creating official documents of any type.
The impersonation of a student’s identity for any intent or purpose.
The preparation of college academic or educational
materials to be presented as a student’s own work.
Ghostwriting or large bodies of academic work, including dissertations, theses, and term papers.
The fabrication of fake data, information, or citations; any other actions or tasks that violate college or corporate policies.

Users of the EssayHub platform

Users of the EssayHub platform or Mobile Application who will infringe
the restrictions identified in our Honor Code will immediately be banned from our platform permanently, without the ability to recover their account.

Noticed any activity that goes
against the Honor Code?

Please submit it ASAP

Report violation

At EssayHub, we believe in freelance writers providing high-quality help on delivering goods and services. We also believe that help they provide should be ethical. If you believe that someone agreed to provide unethical help, please, report it for abuse.

We do not support requesting or providing pre-written or custom written academic assignment. Or assuming a student’s identity for any purpose including test or exam taking.
We do not allow freelance writers to ask for your confidential information. Examples include: passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers or similar types of private information.
Freelance writers may not engage in activities that violate the law or corporate policies.
Freelance writers may not share or public content that promotes hatred or violence, threatens, harasses or bullies other people.
We prohibit using the work of another person without proper attribution.
If you want to report something that doesn't fall under the aforementioned policies, please select these option.
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