How to Write an Analytical Essay: Definition, Outline

analytical essay

Analytical essay writing refers to a work where you present your topic and then analyze the matter. In other words, it is an analysis essay. The key is to provide a strong statement and use credible sources to underpin your position. Such writing can cover the most different analytical essay topics related to the cinema, political events, or recent scientific openings. 

Importantly, analytical essays cannot just enlist the events; the idea is to pick one specific subject and examine it through the selected supporting material. Therefore, it might initially seem difficult, especially if you have not completed similar writing. Nevertheless, in this article, you will find several recommendations from our professional essay writer on how to write an analysis and create an excellent analytical essay sample. Furthermore, if you don't feel like doing all your academic tasks alone, you can make an essay order on almost any subject on EssayHub.

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What Is An Analytical Essay?

So, what is an analytical essay? Well, analytical essay definition is rather simple: it is an examination of a certain topic or event. However, what is the purpose of this type of writing? A student's task is to choose one topic that is interesting for a person and, more importantly, to find the appropriate articles, extracts, or reviews that would prove a student's opinion. 

Analytical writing teaches students to create a piece of work that would attract readers' attention. You can boost or develop your writing skills as you prepare your assignment. Besides, it is a good way to deepen your knowledge of the MLA or APA formatting style. In other words, an analysis paper favors the improvement of different skills.

Analytical Essay Outline

Now that you’re clear on the definition analytical essay, it’s time to master the outline! Our argumentative essay writing service experts suggest that any essay requires a well-structured outline – it makes the text comprehensive, readable, and can logically explain your point. In the case of an analytical essay structure, it is similar to that of many other essays. Thus, there is an introductory part with a thesis, a body, and a concluding part.


The introduction should be catchy and grab the reader's attention from the very first sentence. The best way to do this is to develop an intriguing analytical thesis statement. The following sentences, in their turn, will set the tone and define the context of the following work. It will be fair to call the introduction an essay's preface. If you are still unaware of how to start an analytical essay, focus on three constituents: a hook, background data to explain your subject, and thesis. 


A typical body part consists of three or four paragraphs. Every analytical paragraph should be of more or less the same size. Mind correct formatting throughout your work. For instance, the turabian style presupposes footnotes' usage. It is critical that every first sentence of the paragraph names the key point you will discuss in this specific paragraph. Your essential points should be summarized in a topic sentence and expanded with relevant facts. The rest of the sentences must comprise your supporting evidence and analysis of the subject.

The number of your paragraphs is equal to the number of supporting arguments. Thus, if you have more to say, make sure it is concise, up to a point, and looks well. Every paragraph analysis should end with either a transition sentence or just a closing thought on the paragraph's main idea. To sum up, the body paragraphs include the following points:

  • the first introductory sentence points out the main idea of a paragraph;
  • the analysis with strong evidence - extracts from sources, data, statistics, facts, etc.;
  • closing or transition sentence.


If you do not know how to conclude an analytical essay, just remember that there must be no new information in the concluding paragraph. The key points you mention in the body should comprise your final summary. 

Students tend to paraphrase the introductory part. However, it would help if you made it more like a summary of the body paragraphs that support your thesis statements. Consider using an analytical essay outline worksheet with all the key points you use; later, this worksheet will also serve you for the conclusion.

How To Write An Analytical Essay: Main Steps

An analytical essay format presupposes some ground steps that help you write a well-crafted paper. Thus, you need to choose the topic, create a strong thesis, elaborate on your research to find excellent evidence, provide a contrary view, and write a conclusion. Following all these steps, you can create one of your best analytical papers.


Choose Your Topic

Writing an analysis essay, you either can have a specific topic already or will have to choose one on your own. At this point, you must find not only an appealing topic but also one that can have enough supporting materials on the Internet. Therefore, the first thing to do is research. 

You will have to spend some time finding the subject for your work. Despite that, a good topic can bring you a higher mark. Consider a subject that is neither too broad nor too narrow. In the first case, you will not be able to write a concise work focusing on one subject. There might be a few materials to support your point in the second case.

Decide Upon Your Thesis Statement

Your analytical thesis is the key sentence of the entire work. In other words, it should be flawless and comprehensive so that anyone who reads it understands what you want to say and what you will analyze further. Next time when you ask yourself  - "how to write a thesis for an analytical essay," remember that everything you will include in the body part should relate to this thesis. Also, the thesis should be specific and exclude worthless details that will only distract the reader. 

Conduct Your Research

The research part is vital as it will give all the critical data for your paper analysis. While searching for the best topic, you will find dozens of articles, texts, and periodical extracts. Later, all these materials will become structured paragraphs of your analytical paper. Therefore, the best way to do research is to follow the noted points – your ideas regarding the topic. For this, write out all possible subtopics you would like to include in the essay's body.

Find Arguments To Back Up Your Analysis

Put the notes in front of you; it is time to find the material to back up every analytical argument. Of course, your sources will differ depending on the topic you will examine. For instance, if you analyze a documentary, the movie will be your major source.

If you need to write about some events or concepts, consider the most different sources: journal articles, quotes, recent surveys, or reviews. Every analytical claim must have strong evidence; if you cannot find supporting material, do not include it in your work.

Provide A Contrary View

Consider using some sources to present a contrary view in your analytical paper. Your task is not to persuade the readers of something; however, analyze the topic in detail. Whether it is a film or a philosophical concept, there will likely be different opinions. You can examine the subject from different angles and collect expert opinions. Therefore, your analysis writing will be more in-depth and informative.

Summarize Your Analysis In Conclusion

Most students are already exhausted when it is time to write the concluding part. Yet, a conclusion should be just as well-written as any other part of an analytical article. For your concluding paragraph, you should restate your thesis and mention the claims you used. Look through the first sentences in your paragraphs, which will help you craft the conclusion. The analytical summary defines the general importance of the chosen topic concisely.

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Still Need A Help?

Now you know how to write a good analysis essay. Follow the guidelines from the article, and you will handle your writing assignment. Nonetheless, if you still need some help with your paper, you can use our help for a perfect analytical essay example.

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