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To order an essay, just follow these 4 basic steps.


1) Place an order

Placing an order has never been as easy as this. Simply fill out all the details you would prefer our writer to include into your custom essay, up to the point where you can even send us in a few examples of your previous essays. Our writers will give it their best to make their copy sound and look as if you have written it without any help.

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2) Choose a writer

Choose from the dozens of highly professional and qualified writers who can easily and without a doubt finish your essay. No worse then the teacher who gave you the assignment. Writers bid on your essay giving you their schedule and completion date. It is up to you to choose which fits the time slot best. A big part of our writers have been working with us for over 5 years, and have proven their skills in being capable of writing high-quality work within very tight deadlines.

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3) Discuss the assignment

The difference between EssayHub and most of the other custom essay writing services on the internet is simple. We have given you, the user, the chance to keep in contact with your writer all throughout the process of him writing your assignment, so that you can fully control what he or she may be writing. As soon as you buy the essay online and choose a writer, you can get in contact with them through our 24/7 chat roulette.

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4) Download your completed masterpiece

After our writer sends you the final draft of your high-quality custom written essay, all that is left to do is releasing the set amount for the paper to the writer's account. This finalizes and completed the essay ordering process leaving you with just one possible option. Enjoying the good grades provided by EssayHub.

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The Hub’s Code of Conduct

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    Keeping It Simple

    One of our main goals here at EssayHub is to make sure that when customers buy essays the process does not turn into a nerve wrecking experience. As well as a transparent process, for everybody's sake. Making the ordering process simpler and more transparent, it helps us prevent any clumsy situations that could occur when customers try to buy an essay. With all of the changes that we have applied, even if somehow we do have a misunderstanding with a client, everything can be tracked down, and solved within minutes.

    EssayHub has been aiming high with its standards, and gradually working on turning our dreams into reality. As we have been improving our website, we have put a lot of effort into making the order forms our users employ as a pleasant encounter. However, despite our efforts to make it as simple as possible customers should not view it as cheap. We allow our clients to include every single detail they can and want, up to the point where they can even send in previous essays they have written. Our writers will look through every single sentence, and try to copy your writing style and language.

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    Preferred Writers

    Besides having an amazing and very detailed order form, we allow our clients to choose the essay writer they would want to write their essay for them. With a small pool of essay writers, we are able to manage and process every single task that is written by them, thus fully controlling every step. EssayHub never had plagiarism, or poor quality essays, and most importantly, never will.

    After the writer of your choosing has finished your order essay, he will send you a request that will ask of you to close the up the deal. Before agreeing to that, you can re-read the final draft they have sent in to you, to make sure everything was done just like you needed it to be. If everything was completed just as you wanted it to be, feel free to close the the order, and leave a review about us and our essay writer.

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    Quality over Quantity

    We here at EssayHub keep our pool of writers small because of multiple reasons. We can control what and at what rate our writers do, and most importantly, control the quality of what they write. Unlike most of the custom writing services out there, EssayHub hires writers that have obtained their PHDS. We aim to set an example as a paper writing service, and one of the first steps to achieve this is by fully controlling our writers and their work. Customers wanting to buy essays online or use any of our paper writing services, whether it is college level or master's. We want you to understand that the custom writing service seeks to provide adequate quality and not just a cheap poorly written passing grade.

    At the end of the day, our main goal is to make sure that our service really did help you in your studies, and that the user experience you had with us was good. We try to improve on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which format will my work be written in (pdf, docx,)

By default, all of our authors work with Microsoft word. The order essay online forms contain a large variety of options. We understand that there may be cases in which our users may want their essays to be sent in a different format, so feel free to ask, it is free! Remember, when you buy an essay with us you control its outcome entirely. We want you to be fully satisfied with our service, so we will gladly make any changes that you may need.

Will the writer follow all the requirements I give them?

Following all of the requirements is an absolute must for all of our writers. Our website is a custom essay writing service, and one of the points of it being such a service is making sure that the writers follow every single instruction that you give to them. We are here to help, so if by any chance there is something in your essay you would want our writer to change, feel more than welcome to say so!

What academic levels of assignments writers can handle?

Our writers can compose any sort of academic writing, from high school level assignments up to masters. Any type as well is available for order online. Research paper, Compare and contrast essay, admission essay, we write them all - even with the tightest deadlines. This allows us to make sure that every time you buy essays they are exactly what you were looking for. Try it out and order from EssayHub and see for yourself that we truly are a highly professional custom essay writing service.

How can I know my personal data is secured?

Our website does not give out any personal information to any third parties. Even the writers do not have a single clue about your real identity. Our website servers are protected by dozens of firewalls, making it almost impossible to infiltrate. Keeping your personal information secure from third parties is our priority. Ordering essays online has never been safer.

How can I leave a review for a writer?

After closing up the contract with our writer, you can choose to rate the quality of the work. When you buy the essay, it is important for us to understand what was experienced throughout the process. Your review will automatically get into our system and be published. The exception to the rule being for profanity. EssayHub’s custom essay writing service filters your review so be careful with your vocabulary when writing a review.

How long does the whole ordering process take?

The ordering process on the website should take no longer than 5 minutes. Our writers usually instantly accept orders, so as soon as you place your order, you will instantly have a writer ready to complete your work. Meaning that the process of writing an essay is just a few clicks away. No customers wait for more than 10 minutes for a writer to be assigned, making us some of the best essay help available.

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