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Have you ever experienced frustration and stress caused by your college routine? Research and studies show that over 90% of university students are facing extreme exhaustion on an enormously high level and the most common reason for this is the growing number of coursework as well as custom essay writing. Such tasks bring about an excessive load on pupils, which eventually leads to serious health issues including dysfunctional eyesight.

Why is this happening? First of all, enrolling into college or university is stressful itself. The majority of high-school students have an inaccurate understanding of what this stage of their lives means and what efforts it may require from them. Studying at university means the undertaking many classes, and a student will have to complete large amounts of homework for each of these subjects. As well as casual homework come such challenging tasks as custom college essays that all students have to face. Such work is time-consuming and the impact is seen on the final grade. Academic papers require deep knowledge and thorough research. Because of this reason, many scholars find it difficult to cope with such tasks.

Professional Essay Help is Now Available

Considering the fact that teachers have no way of assessing student’s homework loads, the poor students have to deal with a catastrophic lack of time, stress and inability to devote enough time to the work. Another reason may be due to a lack of a knowledge base that would allow the student to fulfill the task efficiently. In such situations, students can make the wise decision and request help from professional custom essay writing services like EssayHub. They free up a student’s schedule, alleviate paper writing stress and also guarantee high-quality work, which is a wise choice for those who dream about boosting their performance.

What is custom essay writing?

Every single college student will have to write one or more expository essays during their college years. This type of assignment is among the most common assignments across various educational institutions around the world. The essay itself is a small literary piece which aims to represent a person’s point of view about a specific topic or problem. At schools, colleges and universities this task is widely used to test students’ ability to logically present their thoughts, research and analysis, as well as their ability to support their opinion with strong arguments to defend its validity.

Unique Custom Papers

At EssayHub, we have a small pool of writers; yet, each one of them was carefully selected, which allows us to say that we work with only tested and proven experts. Each essay writer at EssayHub is a native English speaker, holds either a Master’s or Doctorate degree, and has years of professional experience in all types of literary work. Thus, our writers are real masters of their craft who can easily cope with works of any complexity.

Just like other custom writings, essays are not as simple to write as they may seem. To complete one of these assignments, a scholar must first get a full idea of the concrete situation and develop a strong personal position on it, which means that it takes much time for research. Although, such work assumes almost full freedom in terms of style and structure, essays still have some strict requirements that a student must follow to receive a high grade; among such requirements are – proper reference style, a certain level of uniqueness, source limitation, and so on. These demands make such assignments quite challenging. And that’s when professional custom essay writing services come to the students’ rescue.

What differs this paper writing service from other?

Our platform employs some of the best experts, authors and teachers. Such a professional approach allowed us to gain the trust of our clients. Although our service can’t be listed among some cheap custom essay writing services, we strive to offer students affordable prices that correspond with the quality of provided help. Dedication and high-quality work are two distinctive features of EssayHub, and our educated writers are grants of successful results and high grades for the paper.

The custom essay service - EssayHub has on its account years of experience and successful existence in the industry of custom writing, thousands of delivered papers that scored the highest grade and thousands of thankful customers’ reviews that speak for themselves. Over the years of providing high-quality help to students of schools, colleges and universities worldwide, our team had constantly developed and improved to grant better results and higher client’s satisfaction.


We do our best to make customers' essays truly outstanding

The Advantages of Joining the EssayHub Community

  • Expert writers can easily cope with assignments on various topics and of different complexity. Our team approaches every customer and their orders individually, this allows us to provide better assistance and meet personal needs for each of our students.

  • EssayHub does not tolerate copied content. Authenticity is an essential requirement to all academic assignments, and our team knows that, thus, our staff does not tolerate the presence of plagiarism in works created at EssayHub, so we never create duplicate content.

  • We can meet any deadline. Time is priceless and we value both our clients and their time. At EssayHub we have a flexible range of possible deadlines, starting from the urgent ones and up to long-term orders. No matter what type of deadline a customer picks, our team guarantees timely delivery.

  • Responsive support team at EssayHub works on the 24/7 basis to provide support to our clients; at any time of any day, a customer is free to address our support representatives and ask them for information about the service or assistance.

  • We always stick to high standards of the quality. Our writers are aware of all standards of custom writing essay, requirements to the style, structure, and references; in addition, our experts have access to unlimited sources of data that are not open to the public, which grants validity of all information and facts that are used while crafting an essay.

  • Unlike many similar platforms, we offer pocket-friendly costs to be confident that anyone who needs help can afford it; our prices range depending on several factors such as academic level, type of paper, volume, and so on. For clients’ convenience EssayHub features an online price calculator. Any visitor can easily calculate a price for the needed assignment right at the website and for free.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction. According to numerous custom essay writing service reviews, EssayHub is on a good count among students, and our team believes that these comments are the best evaluation of our work.

Why use EssayHub’s custom writing service?

Our platform has all necessary resources to craft the best essays for students of different educational institutions; our experts know how to make an A paper that will boost student’s overall academic performance. Our expert will conduct a thorough research using trusted and rare sources to include only valid information in your essay. We will also study your requirements and personal wishes, and our writer will do their best to fully recreate your individual requests and style of presenting information to ensure that the essay will be truly authentic and unique.

Working with us is simple and pleasant, and thousands of users can prove it!

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    Wow, ordering from EssayHub was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had. Not only was my work sent to me hours before the deadline, but the content was absolutely fantastic! Would order from them again!
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    They literally do what is said in their website! I was a day away from my deadline and was booked with other projects and tasks. I ordered an essay on the subject of WWII and the writer seemed to be super well-versed on the topic, as if he actually partook in the event! Thank you EssayHub!
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    I was definitely skeptical at first about my assignment when I requested it on the website. I mean, an essay related to neurology sounds like a daunting task, even for a bio major. But the writer definitely proved me wrong!
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    I decided to put my trust in EssayHub Although essay writing services sound like scams, I was genuinely pleased with the quality of work I received and it got me an A, so I’m looking forward to working with them again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom essay?

A custom essay is a literary piece that shows writer’s opinion about a certain topic. Such task has a small volume and can have a free style of writing; to craft the best custom essay that can score well, a student must prove that his vision and opinion on the situation is correct. To do this, the student must provide strong arguments that are based on valid and scientifically proven facts. In most cases, students have certain difficulties with such tasks. In such a situation it might be better to seek for some essay help.

Are your writers familiar with different referencing styles?

Our experts know everything about all the different styles of reference. When students decide to buy an essay at EssayHub and start placing a free order request, they will see a separate block in the order form that is devoted to the type of referencing style. This block features a list of the most common styles including APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard, and it also has an option “other”. By choosing “other”, a student means that the required style is not listed above. Later, when the order is formed and it’s time to pick a writer, the student will have the ability to specify all requirements for the style of the work, and our writer will craft a paper according to all individual preferences.

Do your essay writers have access to scholarly journals?

Our writers have unlimited access to some of the rare online sources for information research. Some of the resources that we use for our research are not open for public, which gives us an extra benefit as the paper will include some rare and interesting data. In our work, we also use online libraries and scholarly journals, some of which include Oxford Journals, JStor, Simon Fraser University Library, Scientific American Resource Library, and many others.

What can I do with my custom essay?

Although essay writing service EssayHub provides help with custom writing essays, all papers crafted by our specialists are just model essays. By saying this, we mean that the final draft of the paper that students order at EssayHub is here just to assist them with writing of their own works and every work completed by us is a sample of a writing style and source of information. Still, the right to decide on the method of use of this product remains with the client.

Will you write my essay from scratch?

Yes, our team has strict rules on the uniqueness of written papers and we give a guarantee that any of custom essays written by our writers will not contain any plagiarism. Thus, we ensure our customers that the writer will craft original work from scratch basing on the individual requirements and preferences stated in each order. Besides, EssayHub does not store any of the earlier written papers. All sample works that visitors find at our website are just examples and none of them were used by a student.

Can I see samples of custom written essays?

Yes, our website features a section that stores sample works of our expert writers, note that all works presented in this section were not used by anyone and those are just examples of what our team can do. Also, if it is necessary, a customer can ask the writer to provide some more samples of his own creations (not papers crafted for other clients) or ask to complete a short sample text to ensure that this author is suitable.

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